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  1. FPS/simulation sickness

    I feel your pain on this, I get fps sickness and I've never pinned down exactly what causes it. I used to get it in all old quake engine games, but not unreal engine games. Nowadays its stopped me from completing Half Life 2 - I had to play it in very small chunks to stop myself getting a massive headache. In the end I gave up. Bizarrely though, I can play TF2 and L4D just fine. Despite lots of experimenting no amount of fov tweaking and the like has enabled me to play HL2 without headaches.
  2. TF2 Guest Pass

    I've also got one if anyone wants it.
  3. Freedom Force Vs The 3rd Reich pre-order

    Installs fine for me.
  4. APB (aka GTA: MMO)

    Isnt Dave Jones also known for inventing Lemmings?
  5. Don't you just HATE breakout games?

    Mball is the legendary Megaball. I quite like Super DX-Ball myself. Click on the boing ball in the logo, on the title screen to unlock a load of extra boards too.
  6. Obscure games featurama (aka "remember this?")

    Jesus, i'm now Thunderpeel's bitch I'll be more careful when arbitrarily offering my worldly possessions in future. Nice one! I'll definitely go back and have another go now.
  7. Obscure games featurama (aka "remember this?")

    If anyone ever finds a complete solution to Wizkid, all the tea in China/my wordly possessions are up for grabs. I would kill to finally complete that game, I can totally trace all my bad experiences in life to not getting that last kitten in Wizkid.
  8. Parents beware! Your kid might see a digital nipple!

    I feel so culturally contaminated, how dare you sir.
  9. Obscure games featurama (aka "remember this?")

    Base Jumpers was pretty mad. Twas a great multiplayer game, you race each other to the top of the level, collecting letters to spell words that make mad powerups and mini-games. When you get to the top of the level you jump off and freefall, trying to barge each other into obstacles. You then try and be the first to land, leaving it as late as possible to pull your parachute and not splat into the floor. Not many people seem to have played it (it was probably amiga-only) but for such a simple game it was damm good fun. Its possible that the evil rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia have crept in this post, just be grateful that I didnt go on about Wizkid as I usually do when someone mentions crazy games.
  10. Chuckie Egg - the best platformer ever?

    Chuckie Egg was the first platform game I ever played. It was also the first game on which I broke a joystick. Coincidence? I think not, I seem to remember it being rock hard too