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  1. Tim Schafer loves me

    He loves me more! Look how really, really, really thrilled he was to meet me.
  2. Adult Swim

    I bought Aqua Teens season 1 and 2 last time I was in America. I'm most glad I did because a) it seems to be unavailable outside the US and it's awesome.
  3. The Godfather: Why Even Bother

    The Godfather trilogy was the most intensely boring thing I've ever had the misfortune to sit through (and I'm a huge fan of mafia movies usually), so I could care less if they gameify it. If it's good though (and something interesting actually happens, unlike in the movies), I'll play it. Hold your judgement until the game is ready...
  4. Tell Us About Yourself

    ... is that code for 'fucking insane'? It must be...
  5. CS:S Bot Zombies

    I once approached a box I knew a bot was hiding behind (level 3). As I got close he shot a couple of times (through the box) and managed to headshot me. Whether it was luck or buggy AI, I dunno.
  6. CS:S Bot Zombies

    I dunno about zombie AI, but the bots in general are probably the best I've ever seen in any game. Even on level 3 (of 4) they're very challenging (and I'm an OMG 1337 CS0r). On level 4 they're damn-near impossible to survive one round against.
  7. CS:S Bot Zombies

    The trouble with setting bot_skill 4 is they're incredibly fucking hardcore, even if they are wandering around with only knives.
  8. Linux sucks

    That "manifesto" can be found on pretty much every single Linux distro's homepage (except the stupid, pay-for ones, obviously). I have used Linux some amount (although it would take me the rest of my life to get to the kind of level I am with Windows and DOS on it). For desktop purposes it's just fine, there are like 3 or 4 major GUI front-ends to choose from (KDE and GNOME being the two most prevalent), all of which do different things. As for whoever said it was ugly, you either had a crap GUI, or just didn't set up the styles right. GNOME looks very pretty with some customisation. For most 'desktop' things, like surfing, word processing, IMing, IRCing, all that stuff, Linux works just as well as Windows. If Linux ever natively supports all new game releases (never gonna happen), I'll swap over permanently. As it is though, I'm a gamer, and like gaming too much to spend any serious time and effort on Linux.
  9. Valve wins(?) case against Vivendi

    Well. In this month's PC Zone UK previews, there are two VU Games games, two Ubi Soft, zero EA, one Atari and a bunch of other people I've never even heard of. In reviews there are 2 VUG, 1 EA, 1 Atari and 1 Ubi Soft.
  10. Valve wins(?) case against Vivendi

    If you read the previews pages of gaming mags, about 70% of all upcoming games is being released by VU or one of their companies.
  11. Half-Life 2 deathmatch has landed

    OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE, PEOPLE, STOP YOUR WHINING! C-S:S is NOT retail. You paid for Half-Life 2, not C-S:S. C-S:S is a nice extra you received with your enormously awesome copy of Half-Life 2. Same goes for H-L2 DM. If they were selling C-S:S or H-L2 DM as stand-alone products and they were crappy or unfinished (which neither of them is, anyway), you'd have a right to complain. The current lagginess of H-L2 DM is likely down to crappy servers, and the fact that 12,000 people are all trying to play at the same time on a limit number of servers.
  12. Half Life 2 First Impressions

    Pedantry is my foremost pastime, without it I am nothing!
  13. Half-Life 2 deathmatch has landed

    Exactly. I played for about 10 minutes before getting fed up of sinks impacting with my forehead. I think the grav gun should be VERY limited, like quad damage and such powerups are in most DM games. As it is, there's all too much getting-hit-with-heavy-shit going on.
  14. Half Life 2 First Impressions

    His surname is also 'Shepard', not "Shepherd" or "Sheppard".