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  1. General World of Warcraft topic

    I actually logged off as level 15 too... Levelled slower now than in the beta though, which is ok, because my char won't be deleted in a few weeks like in the beta... Want to enjoy this and all that
  2. General World of Warcraft topic

    I'm playing on the server named Al'Akir (PvP). We (me and my friends) were planning to go for a RP server, but changed our minds on the release day Being on a PvP server adds a bit of extra danger and excitement
  3. General World of Warcraft topic

    I was afraid I wouldn't get my copy before the weekend, but I think I'll be getting it on Friday It's an addictive game
  4. Psychonauts PC Specs

    Meh, you've just been unlucky.
  5. Flatout

    I sure hope so!
  6. CS:S Bot Zombies

    they don't want to walk edit: oh, they charge at you.. I want them to walk all the time.. is that possible? edit2: on second thought, that would be really easy unless you sit down in a corner and wait instead of running away.. oh yeah, and I keep running out of ammo
  7. General World of Warcraft topic

    I don't think they've said anything conclusive about RP servers...
  8. Giveaway 2005: Who dunnit?

    Reverend Green ...Killed them With the.... Rope ...In the... Hall
  9. It has been confirmed. EA is the Devil.

    Here's one I bumped into a few days ago heh heh
  10. Rockstar loves us? Aparently so: GTA2 giveaway!

    Yeah, I remember trying to play it with some of my friends over LAN. Everyone was out of sync, though, so I'm not sure the quality of the netcode is any good
  11. Rockstar loves us? Aparently so: GTA2 giveaway!

    Has anyone been able to download this yet? I'm getting a timeout error
  12. Rockstar loves us? Aparently so: GTA2 giveaway!

    Yeah, I played the original GTA a lot when it was fresh... Anyone remember GOURANGA? I never really got that far into GTA2, though... Tried playing it a few months back, but it wasn't compatible with Windows XP, so I'll definitely try this one (they modified it to be compatible with xp)
  13. C&C Music

    Hell March
  14. Massiv Multiplayer Pirates

    Looking forward to Pirates of the Burning Sea myself. I tried the one you mentioned some time ago, and it didn't manage to keep me playing
  15. Gothic III announced

    Never played Gothic. Loved Gothic II. But it did lack somewhat in the polish-department. No, I'm not talking about poles. Whoa. Funny how both polish and poles can be confused with the language/culture/people.
  16. Unity is no more

    What kind of game was it? I read some stuff about it, but never really got to know what the game was about
  17. Man, what am I, an illegal Chinese immigrant?

    I am also really uninteresting Is there any hope left for me?
  18. Wait... So they're doing the dual-team thing? Which means that the team that worked on Sands of Time is working on the next one right now?
  19. Man, what am I, an illegal Chinese immigrant?

    Oh, yeah San Francisco, Norway I'm sure you've heard of it
  20. Man, what am I, an illegal Chinese immigrant?

    I'd kill my boss and nail him to the counter Seriously though, can he fire employees for caling in sick? I don't think they can over here... Anyway... Give him an ultimatum or something
  21. Half-Life 2 deathmatch has landed

    I want natural selection for HL2
  22. World of WarCraft®

    I'm just waiting for it to be released in Europe. I've already purchased a pre-order kit, but I'm not sure I'll be playing in the European final beta seeing as the characters will most likely be deleted when the game is launched here. (I've already played the US open beta, so I don't feel like starting all over again, knowing it'll be wasted)
  23. I'll just skip all of the ethical talk, and ask one question. How the hell are they going to make this game fun? I'll eat my dog* if this game turns out to be fun * By dog, I mean hat.
  24. Half Life 2 First Impressions

    I was hoping HL2 wouldn't disappoint me, but.... this game rocks! I haven't played that far into it yet (a few hours), but so far it's been fun all the way. This is a real spoiler, you can look at it if you've already met Alyx The whole game is very cinematic. Great voice acting and lip syncing, graphics, feel, everything!@£$ Finally a game that lived up to the hype (and its predecessor)