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  1. E3 Boothbabes? WTF?

    You fools, you are all wrong. First of all she only pretends to play Unreal Tournament. She is just using the server browser anyways and can't figure where to go now. Also, she cut off the kittens head and attached it to the cushion. I do that all the time, have you never seen Mars Attacks? Pfff...
  2. If you were a filthy rich developer/publisher....

    A game based on Ridicule? OMG, I have a trauma from this movie. Oh well, I have have many traumas so who cares. I once (like 8 years ago) went to sneak peak night of a local independent movie theater which was cheap and I was a broke teenager. Also they didn't tell you what they show, it could have been the next blockbuster, but in my case it was 'Ridicule' in original French with German subtitles.That was in Germany BTW, showing it in French with German subtitles here in the US where I live now is probably against some law. You can imagine that half of the people immediately left the movie theater. The movie wasn't really that bad, but it feels akward if you are expecting to see a decent Hollywood movie, but then all the sudden some French guy with fake hair shows up. Anyways, that's my story
  3. If you were a filthy rich developer/publisher....

    Actually there was a game similiar to your idea, can't remember the name though, couple years ago though. You had to give them your home/cell number, fax number, all emails addresses and they would call you in the middle of the night to give you secret information that you needed to solve the case. So basically you were playing the game 24/7. Some sick shit man.
  4. GTA: San Andreas (Screenshots)

    The screenshots look nice, but in my unqualified opinion they should have choosen another name for the game. I mean GTA: San Andreas doesn't sound like a game to me. Sounds more like an addition for MS Flight Simulator. And I bet that half of the kids don't even know what San Andreas stands for anyways, and I am talking about the West Coast kids. But how should they know anyways: eating burgers, shoot people, steal cars and rob houses is all they do.
  5. E3 Boothbabes? WTF?

    Heyawhatever, I am new here, so feel free to flame me, ban, use and abuse me like all the cool guys in summer camp. On my search for valuable information about E3 I had a weak moment and checked out some of the 'gemme your credit card for a subscription'-websites and everywhere I saw the term 'E3 booth babe'. I always thought E3 is about money and big egos, but all the sudden it is about chicks? I don't wanna see those bitches next to a demo of Doom 3 or Nintendo DS, how sick is this? Can't people go rent a porn anymore like it used to be? I really respect the mankind's need for some booty but please explain why there needs to be a chick with a boobjob at the Activision booth? Muahhhhh