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  1. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    Bah! Thanks for the heads up. At the moment it's feeling like Atom Zombie Smasher/FTL, in that you're expected to play it repeatedly in order to learn the best way to manage your resources. As such, is it quite short game? Or am I just playing it really badly?
  2. Movie/TV recommendations

    I loved it and mostly agree with your assessment. I think the point, if indeed there was one (and outside of being a potent character study, I'm not sure there was one), was how someone could be easily sucked into a cult like Scientology. It was almost a side-point, though. It was definitely just about the characters -- and wow, what a portrayal. Both Hoffman's and Phoenix's characters stuck with me for days. I think TWBB was better for the same reasons you do, though.
  3. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    So I finished my first month and got an 'A', feeling very pleased with myself. Then the next mission to appear was ranked 'Very difficult' and I've been struggling ever since. Also: Why isn't there an autosave feature?
  4. Life

    Then why don't you register at your local doctors? It doesn't take long to register, and you could probably get an appointment for the next day.
  5. Fresh Kickstarter Compendium Extraordinaire

    I know.
  6. BioShock Infinite

    That's a very interesting idea. Hasn't it been done anywhere?
  7. BioShock Infinite

    BioShock was really well balanced in my opinion, in terms of being a shooter (which only highlighted what I see as unbalance in SS2). But the stories and atmosphere were also fantastic. Very much like SS2 -- although maybe not quite as gripping. I played it for writing, but I also enjoyed the gameplay.
  8. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    Not sure, but as I say, flicking in and out of the Steam overlay fixed it. Loving the game so far, despite that initial bug. Wish I didn't keep losing soldiers, though!
  9. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    Good gravy. I can't believe the game is still so buggy -- I thought they'd have patched everything by now. Weirdly, I managed to get out of it using the Steam overlay. I then saved and quit. A VERY disappointing start
  10. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    Forgive me for not reading 12 pages to see if anyone else has had this issue: I'm on the second mission, my guy is on the roof. It's his "turn" and I can't seem to do anything. I have four options: Fire, Overview, Rocket Launcher and Grenade. No matter which one I pick, I can't select "OK". I've tried pressing every key, and nothing is happening. The game is otherwise completely responsive: I can move the camera around. I can rotate the scene. I can select from the four option and click "More info", but I can't seem to do anything else. I can't even press Escape to get back to the main menu! The game has been so slick and professional so far. I can't believe I've managed to paint myself into some weird corner already!
  11. Fresh Kickstarter Compendium Extraordinaire

    No, I only backed one of them. But I'm not telling which.
  12. BioShock Infinite

    That's a good offer. One (superficial but annoying downside): "You will receive an e-mail within two days after the release of the game detailing how to redeem your free download of XCOM: Enemy Unknown." Pre-ordering on Steam gives you instant access to Bioshock 1 and X-Com.
  13. Life

    Why don't you go and see your doctor, rather than using walk-in centres? I know you want to see a particular psych, but that's no reason not to see your doctor.
  14. BioShock Infinite

    You're right! Playing X-Com right now. Yaaay!
  15. BioShock Infinite

    Nearly there...!
  16. Fresh Kickstarter Compendium Extraordinaire

  17. Life

    That's horrible, man. I know it sounds obvious, but... anti-depressants? The more severe your depression, the more effective they tend to be.
  18. Recently completed video games

    I really disliked the gameplay, too. It felt very repetitive and trial and errory to me. "If I stand here... I die. If I push this... I die. So I won't stand there or push that. 'Puzzle' solved!"I thought the "narrative" was weak and uneffective, too.
  19. Why right?

    Jump Bug? Never heard of it.
  20. Life

    I just had a crazy idea: Why not ask her?
  21. Why right?

    Good point! I'd forgotten about games like Hunchback.
  22. Obligatory Comical YouTube Thread II: The Fall of YouTube

    I'd like to know that, too. Obviously North Koreans are allowed to leave their country to work abroad (but usually provided they have a family back home that can be used as a bargaining chip if they refuse to return), but there's a lot of crazy news in that country. Did you know that Kim Jong-Il scored an unprecedented 11 holes-in-one during one round of golf? That makes him the best golfer who ever lived. Man, Team America: World Police went far too soft on him.
  23. Why right?

    Yes, but obviously the background scrolls from right to left -- surely meaning it would be easier to comprehend if games scrolled the other way.
  24. Fresh Kickstarter Compendium Extraordinaire

    I wish more people would share Kickstarters they've found here. I keep coming across ones that I wish I'd known about after they've closed
  25. Why right?

    I'm not so sure. The X/Y 0,0 co-ordinates are surely arbitrary, and if anything they'd allow for easier to understand code if games scrolled right-to-left.