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  1. Plug your shit

    Never trust anyone, Ben. Not even yourself. That's the thing I've learned from being on the Idle Forums for nine(!) years!
  2. Why can't I enjoy System Shock 2?

    Indeed. It took me several years of owning the original (yes, I own the original CDs!) before I finally forced myself to get through the game. It was just SO intense, SO freaky (especially when those goddamn spiders appeared), that turning off spawning was the only way I could enjoy the story and atmosphere without needing to change my underwear every two minutes. The great thing is that the game doesn't seem to "cheat" to get its scares. It's not just about wandering into a pitch dark room and something suddenly going "boo!". Or about bad guys that can move 50 times faster than you. The situation feels real, and the scary moments feel completely earned.
  3. Why can't I enjoy System Shock 2?

    I came across a post just like that on the Irrational forums... Can't believe they people are let down by this game, but I think expectations may be too high for some.
  4. Netflix

    Holee shit! It works! I did I not know about this...??? This is a prime contender for the "Things That Improve Your Life Thread", if ever there was one!
  5. I can't say any one of them was "must see" compared to the others. You might enjoy: Hillbilly, Scientist, Monk, though (the Adventurer is probably the least interest one of them all).
  6. Civilization V

    I really enjoyed it. I didn't mind the loss of stacking units. I found that, as per usual, my army fell behind the AI's almost immediately, as I scrambled to get new tech and cooler cities, but in 5 it didn't matter so much. Playing defensively, I could easily take out anyone who attacked my city. Alexander the Great kept insulting me and then attacking me. His army was huge, but he barely made a dent in my civilization -- I lost two cities through the entire game. That's a nice change. One thing I felt was missing was all the stats! It was much harder to see who was at war with who. What was going on with regard to different things. In the age of info-graphics, I was expecting much improved versions of the ones from Civ 3 -- instead they were just missing. A bit weird! The ending screen was really dull and ugly, too. I know it's not about the ending, but at least in Civ 3 you got some slight emotional satisfaction. You could see how you did against your opponents throughout the game in different areas, etc. In Civ 5 it feels like they dropped the ball there. (Apparently the "space" ending is similarly bland, too -- which is a shame.) Also, I'm not sure how Culture works in Civ 5. It seems that you win just by spending your "Culture Points" on Social Programs -- as opposed to just having the most awesomest culture in the world that every loves. In Civ 3, if you culture was amazing (many wonders, tons of high-tech cities, etc.), a lone city surrounded by all this would willingly want to become part of your civilization. That never happened in Civ 5, which I thought was odd. Also, there doesn't seem to be "cultural influence" any more -- you just buy hexes when you want them. Also also, I was confused by the UN. I created the United Nations, then everyone voted -- on what, I don't know... nobody told me -- I got the most votes, and then nothing happened. It was all a bit weird. Does anyone know what the point of that was? Finally, I thought they did a good job with how the other AIs talk. Rather than say things like, "We demand Spices from your puny nation!" (like in Civ 3), they would be more diplomatic in their threats, making them sound far more reasonable, even when they were just threats. I also enjoyed how they responded to my warmongering -- I got a lot of crap for my actions On the whole, it felt kind of half-finished. Or three quarters finished. I was kind of expecting it to the be the ultimate version of Civ, and in many ways it was, but in others it dropped the ball. I'll have to check out that Gods and Kings DLC!
  7. BioShock Infinite

    Yeah, and what's all this about self-sustaining floating cities...? Weeee-ird!
  8. Aliens: Colonial Marines

    Wow, that first minute...!
  9. Rock Band 3

    It's here. It's the best example of its genre ever made (according to the critics I've read). But it's selling like cold potatoes... Why? Am I still going to get my real guitar?
  10. Youtube-TV

    Don't forget The Guild and Geek and Sundry!
  11. Antichamber

    Interesting. Sounds like I should give it a shot sometime. Even if it's just for the experience.
  12. Netflix

    Hmm. I wonder if this is purely down to country. The selection of movies on the UK Netflix is astoundingly, almost unbelievably, bad. It's like they went for all the cheapest titles they could. Sure, there's some good ones, but it seems like they padded it out with cheap filler -- like people wouldn't notice. But everyone in the US seems to rave about Netflix...?
  13. Idle Book Club Episode 5: The Great Gatsby

    Hope you're alright there, Kroms. I don't think the book was meant to fill you with despair! :-/
  14. Civilization V

    So I just wasted my entire day playing Civ -- as you do. Felt like Civ III, but prettier, and less annoying. Although it certain has its quirks, too! What did everyone else think of this?
  15. Why can't I enjoy System Shock 2?

    That's just cheating! (I wish I'd had that list when I played through it.)
  16. Why can't I enjoy System Shock 2?

    Skip Rebirth. The author did one beta release and then got hired at a game company. Plus he made some bizarre choices with the character designs. It was promising, but ultimately disappointing. Just go with SHTUP only! Yep. Welcome to the fun! (Remember the ini files where you can tweak respawn rates.)
  17. Plug your shit

    I found all three in about 30 seconds. Yay! Clearly everyone in your office sucks. Either that, or we're all awesome! (Actually I'm sure it's a ton more easier when you don't have to scroll around.)
  18. Things That Improve Your Life

    Yes, a lot of people do. Especially those who come from countries where everything comes with rice (as opposed to here in the UK, where everything comes with chips). I feel like buying one just to spite Tycho.
  19. SimCity: The City Simulator

    Yes, there is this:
  20. Antichamber This thing sure look intriguing! Anyone else have any thoughts on it?
  21. Things That Improve Your Life

    I've heard similar things from other rice-cooker owners. Apparently they're awesome devices.
  22. Fresh Kickstarter Compendium Extraordinaire

    Jon Shafer's "At the Gates" By: Jon Shafer Type: Video games about: The lead designer of Civ V creates his own sim. Why You Should Care: Shafer recently wrote a big update about all the mistakes he felt he made making Civ V - and how he's going to learn from them for this project. Sounds interesting! Link:
  23. Why can't I enjoy System Shock 2?

    You only really need one mod: The Texture Mod. (If you want to tweak the game mechanics, which are in no way utterly die-hard on their default setting, then you can just use the game's .ini file.)
  24. Why can't I enjoy System Shock 2?

    Well, now the game's available to everyone at GOG, I'm intrigued to hear people's reactions to it.
  25. Aliens: Colonial Marines

    I agree that the whole "they used money to fund Borderlands 2" thing sounds a bit suspicious. It's more likely Gearbox used in-house resources to make Borderlands 2, while out-sourcing ACM. It also doesn't ring true that he sincerely believes Gearbox lied to the public. Still, I have no doubt there would be office scuttlebutt, and I could see that he'd believe the version of events that he heard, even if the rumours had mangled some of the facts.