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  1. Some free advice to Peter Molyneux...

    I miss Ken Kutaragi.
  2. XBLA and Wii Store disappointment

    Guys, give Assault Heroes a go on XBLA I promise it will leave you smailling over the holiday season. Great as a singleplayer sit down and blast BUT do it co-op over Live and it becomes a real treat. Check it out. Money WELL spent!
  3. Eurogamer Xmas party.

    "Spaff's girlfriend" makes an interesting point there... Anymore photos of merry joy joy vibes?
  4. PS4 to wait 'till at least 2010

    2010. PS4 - It's rise has been prophesied! Roy Scheider showed us all!!! HAL. I want you to listen closely to my voice. The cell processor was just the beginning...
  5. Xbox 360 vs PS3 (yawn?)

    Yeh, I guess you have to give it a year unless they come out with a few titles from the word go or make announcements for titles you are definately into. I went for a 360 because of Ridge Racer 6, Ghost Recon AW, and PGR3. They showed enough titles that gave me confidence that I would be able to get a good game fix from day one. With PS3 I have Ridge 7, and Motorstorm but not much else for a while that is at least exclusive to the console and worth spending £500 + (it is a while before MGS4 which I will get when it comes out). The Wii has Zelda and Trauma Centre to satisfy my needs. But I think if you weren't a serious game follower as many here it would probably take a year to see a consoles potential to your tastes on the shop floor.
  6. ICO.

    How 'bout this... Run back and get your sword, then head across the newly created bridge to the castle platform. Nearly there. Leave Yorda and head up the chain, push the box onto the lower platform near the idol doors, climb down the ladder, push the box up against the ledge and climb on up. Pull the switch there and then head down and back up the ladder. Jump off the greenish wood to the chain, then swing across to the platform with the large handle. Turn it until the box pops out, then head back across the chain, down the ladder, and onto the box. Help Yorda across to the idol doors, and then through them. Whew! Keep going. This game made my wife cry. Actual tears. And she is a ninja I shit you not.
  7. Lois Lane? More like Lois LAME

    I agree with everyone but I gotta tell you...Spaff loves me more. No, relly ask him yourself. Spaff? Where's the real love huh?
  8. Xbox 360 vs PS3 (yawn?)

    Oh, please. You think Kutaragi made that statement through modesty? The man runs around his office in giant man nappies beating his P.A. with hams and kettle chips -possibly. No seriously. SONY are arrogant. Even they admit it. That statement was said solely because Microsoft got out of the gate first and the next gen was off with a bang. The days of comparing console releases like ps1 and 2 with Saturn and Dreamcast are over. The next gen began with the DS. There are few who would have bet on DS kicking all them shades of shit out of the PSP to the extent where heads at EA find themselves advising Sony to redesign and market the PSP. They do that for the sole reason that they invested financially and mentally in that console dominating. Now even in the UK DS outstrips PSP at an alarming rate. I tell you SONY made that statement through confidence that their fanbase and the genral public seriously believe what they say. Just read the Telegraph or any other broadsheet that focuses on console news only when it relates to money or a social event like Chrimbo and see how they speak about the PS3. It is spoken of as though it could walk on water, eat bullets, and shit ice cream. The article reads as though the writer leaned over to his younger brother and asked what was the 'best' console out. Come on people. We need to stop with this mentality of the my console is better than yours and everything starts and the fourth place. Where the hell is that? Sony did a great thing with the PS1 and created a fine arena for developers to start making certain ideas into reality but it has brought with it a society of people who just don't really know games and the variety out there. Imagine the equivalent if there was only EA? Yes we have to thank them in a great way for broadening the masses to the existence of games but would you want JUST them dominating games in the way that Sony has been? Buy a PS3 by all means. I'll be queing for the Ridge Racer and other game that allows for massive damage such as motorstorm, but i tell you I will buy a 360 and Wii twice over first if only to mantain a social balance in this industy. THe day is coming when kids will tell you they have never heard of Crono Trigger or Shining Force and that they suspect Spyro the Dragon was the inspiration for Panzer Dragoon. Yeah, laugh now. Kenty where are you? Expose the weak spot and deliver massive damage to the unclean!!! Now I sound like a fanboy. See what you have gone and done?
  9. Xbox 360 vs PS3 (yawn?)

    Heheheheh. Indeed. But if that's the mentality then there would have been no need to make consoles past the SNES. I don't hear any other company banging on about the next gen starts when THEY say so....
  10. Xbox 360 vs PS3 (yawn?)

    Then they (developers) should be ashamed of themselves because the whole point of more power is that you utilise it to the best ability of the hardware presented to you. Can you imagine if developers only used Geforce 9800 cards to produce original Quake graphical standards? It is a waste. So if the PS3 is THAT much more powerful then I as a consumer expect to see that power put to use. Just as 1080p is so much better than standard definition it is like them producing the Bluray and a film house producing discs with videotape standards from the master copy. Same assets - it's just what you do with it in relation to the hardware at your disposal. It goes deeper than graphics. There is the power for additional calculations for AI etc. I cannot see this currently in the titles lined up - at least not significantly greater than the likes of Lost Odyssey or Alan Wake. Don't get me wrong, as anyone who knows me will tell you I will buy a PS3 just for Ridge Racer 7. What I am at odds with is the manipulation of consumers buy a company and a mis-informed media that the PS3 is the greatest console ever created. It is time people had a balanced view on what is available to them at a far more sensible price.
  11. ICO.

    Does this help? Is this where you are? Jump the gap, go to the rope, go across. Down ladder. Up tower to left, across, down chain. Swing and jump at bridge to push it down. Catch her. Go to the end. Get a bomb from the bomb room. Bring it to near the torch. Get a stick, light it on the torch, light the bomb. Now throw it at the water tower (the structure to your left) - it'll blow up and land as a bridge for you. Go up the chain over to the block. Push it down and follow it. Push it right. Climb up, push the lever. A chain goes right. Now go back up, jump to the chain, jump to the circle wheel. Push it around. A hanging box appears. Monsters come, jump across box to idol doors, get her to follow you, they all die. There's a ledge at the other end of the drawbridge and an idol gate. Then castle walls and an idol gate. Go in and they slam shut. Up ladder, cut 2 ropes in the left door, monsters will come. Save. "West Idol Stairs"
  12. Xbox 360 vs PS3 (yawn?)

    This is not an issue of bad/good porting. This is a clear cut case against Sony constantly using their advantage of (or should I say taking advantage of) general consumers belief that somehow video gaming began with the PlayStation and that there is no other console that can ever come close. With this generation, especially, Sony has banged on about the HD era and how integral the PS3 will be to our enjoyment of it through their games. (I don't count the Blu rays ability in it's film playback as it is not relevant in this discussion) They have continued to have consumers believe that games will look and play better on PS3, which obviously is a logical thing to say as it IS their job to do that, but the fact is that when Jonny Poppy Longcock shells out that much money for the unit in the first place, he expects to experience that difference. It is comparable under ANY variable simply because Sony has said repeatedly how much more powerful their console is. They have created the arena for comparison and now it is showing the holes in their promises. I expect Kojima-san to produce stunning results with MGS4 but there is more to a console catalogue than a handful of sudo-firstparty games. We want our Maddens and NFS's each year (well some sick puppies do) and the general games that are made for multiple platforms. At least that is what the general games consumer wants. We (and I speak more for Idle Thumbers) have the blessing (?) of having a greater knowledge of what determines a quality unique game -ICO, SOTC, 'naughts, etc. but most folk wont have even heard of those games let alone played them. This comparison is relevant only to a point but it is valid because it is really showing that Sony is once again relying on reputation of past to shift units and now we are seeing that infact there really isn't anything in it at all, and in cases, the 360 is proving the better unit for games and cost. For shame Kuturagi, for shame.
  13. XBox 360 videos from TGS

    Lost Odyssey looks fantastic. I know it is just the opening cinematic but the look of contrast in the WWII grit and the medieval metals are just great. But i am a sucker for that sort of style (much like Konami's Ring of Red birth child with Kingdom Under Fire). The motion of him running and swinging that sword is just great. There are some cool ideas knocking around in that game. Even it it amounts to not much more than an HD version of Dynasty Warriors, i am still going to enjoy it. The tech of Forza 2 - well, i can't even begin to go into the joy that will be. Project Sylpheed, Blue Dragon, and Lost Planet are all on the radar for me too. The 360 definately has the games I am interested in across a solid spectrum. They have a really strong second console here.
  14. XBox 360 videos from TGS

    Some true must buy titles for me. At last the 360 console is giving me the classic feeling i used to have when i first saw the likes of Soul Blade, Wipeout and Final Fantasy VII for the first time! I have to say it would be good to see the 360 doing well in Japan. It has huge potential as a games machine and the more of this we can get the more Japanese devs will start putting soul into making titles for it and the Live Arcade side of the business. Especially the smaller companies who don't have the resources to put huge "20 gig" PS3 titles in HD (because that is the heart and path to a true consoles ability) out there. Live is a sound business model and I hope more small devs. can give us some of their magic. Everyone should own a 360 - if only for Riiiiidge Raaaaacer!!!!!
  15. Sony's E3 Conference Thread

    That's one plus that HD DVD has over Blu Ray - You can have both the HiDef version and a standard DVD version on the same disc. It is actually part of their standard. It is a feature Microsoft will be making use of as it saves huge amounts in production costs. You can't actually do this with Blu Ray unfortunately.