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  1. Gamelife Episode 3: somehow it still lives

    In fairness I havn't seen the BBC or Sky do any better ... hell I give this show a 10.5/10 (gamelife scoring system)
  2. gaming bad for your health?

    Now all they need is an actual marine base/ Planet Mars/ Vietnam jungle to sell you with actual monsters from hell/monsters from space/ Vietnamese solidiers and the emersion will be complete.
  3. Intro Sequences in Games

    Hello again people! MI2's intro was genius with the technology available to them at the time... CmI's was astounding which made EMI's straight cut to credits just that bit dissapointing.
  4. Joust

    Talk about sucky games.
  5. The award for best install sequence goes to...

    Tiberian Dawn? Iv'e never heard of it. Was it an add-on?
  6. Tell Us About Yourself

    Always been a fan of Edam myself... then agaqin you just can't say no to cheddar...
  7. Tell Us About Yourself

    Read it enough times and your head explodes... I found out the hard way.
  8. Secure Delivery my ass

    I'm experiencing a small problem. I start reading the thread. IThink I know what its about. Everything starts off fine but suddenly I reach half way down the page and realise I havn't a clue what the fuck people are on about
  9. I was kinda hoping someone might show me why its so great
  10. Multiple endings are wasted on people like me

    What! how do you know this! I heard they were gonna do another one but not for a few years! Max is great by the way!
  11. Chronicles of Riddick

    Based on this and the Warner Bors thing... This may... just may... be the end of shit movie tie-ins. Of Course I'm jumping the gun but things are looking up... still for every one of these there will always be a cat in the hat.
  12. Obviously I'm missing something (and I'm no Fan of Nintendo) but of the pics Iv'e seen of Windwaker it looks like ever other cell shaded game - a bit shite
  13. Multiple endings are wasted on people like me

    Movies are different... if your thinking of something like 28 days later where an alternate ending was included on the DVD... its just where people who wish to know more about the film can see it... the original is still the intended ending. What developers should aim for is an experience that changes depending on th players style/choices.