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  1. Happy birthday thunderpeel and Glen(n?)

    Thanks everyone. I had a great night (not as great a day because I was working) I happen to share a birthday with Mr T!!! (and of course thunderpeel ) On a minor note, I also share my birthday with Alexander Pope
  2. If graphics could induce orgasms....

    Yep, Oblivion is amazing:
  3. Deadworm and Trep

  4. Happy Birthday mate ;)

    Be it a joke or be it serious, all the thumb name-calling gets me down. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK!!!
  5. Hear Ye, Hear ye. I Bring you my Idle Thumbs Video

    Check out my above post with the link to all the adventure gamers stuff. The John Epic ones have good editing
  6. Hear Ye, Hear ye. I Bring you my Idle Thumbs Video

    There was a bowl under. Thanks, I appreciate that Oh BTW, I have tonnes on AG Here are some links to them: John Epic Daily: (Search through this thread, there are 3 videos) Adventure Gamers question Answered in Video Form: (Search through this thread, there are 2 videos here) I also have a proper short film that I shot (Not by myself this time, unlike the others. I don't have a link to that one though sorry)
  7. Hear Ye, Hear ye. I Bring you my Idle Thumbs Video

    Okay, well here is the video anyway:
  8. Hear Ye, Hear ye. I Bring you my Idle Thumbs Video

    I take it you didn't like it That hurts me
  9. Games everyone likes (but really suck)

    'Everyone' is just a generalisation. Anyway, I don't know the intent of this thread. Thats your queue loonyboi
  10. Good day Over at Adventure Gamers I often make humorous videos that touch on community issues. Anyway, to cut a long story shot, I made one for Idle Thumbs. I hope you like it. If I get enough positive responses I will make more. One thing to note is that the audio quality is quite poor (though it seems to be decent on this PC), at the moment I don't have the equipment to record better audio but that will change soon The video is around 12 mbs
  11. Games everyone likes (but really suck)

    Hold up guys. BG&E is an awesome game, but loony doesn't like it. In which case this thread serves its purpose: "Games which everyone loves but personally I hate" As for me, hmmm, I can't think of any at the moment. I'll get back to you on that one.
  12. Pulp

    Nice thread, I associate my fist with your face
  13. First Thumbs Post