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  1. deadworm - I don't have anything against you, no have I ever done shazbaz thingy - Well, Jews weren't technically Germans under Hitler's regime so I didn't include those in my "educated guess". 99% isn't supposed to be accurate, it's just supposed to illustrate that most of the German population loved Hitler. Also, the Jewish population in Germany probably was about 1% after they had been through the ghettos/fled. I'm not saying the population was exactly 1%, just small. Yeah, sure, because you were a friend or a neighbour of a Jew you were obviously going to hate Hitler. You have no fucking idea, do you? Er, the Nazis prosecuted the Jews before WWII you know... If you think all my posts in this thread have been educated guesses, then please, correct me where I'm wrong. To my knowledge I'm not wrong now. I'm not German, but I've visited Berlin and got enough from that and from what I've read about their anti-Nazi laws to know that they've banned Nazi related acts such as selling Meine Kampf in bookshops. But obviously you need a PHD in German law to deduce that, so I'm just getting that from a search engine or something. I'm not a historian, but I did study the Nazi regime for two years at school, and got an A grade out of it, so I think I know that my "impossible statistic" that the Germans loved Hitler until the war started to go badly is justified. But no, I obviously have gone "too far" by pretending to know what I'm posting here! The Germans hated Hitler and have the weakest anti-Nazi laws in the world! Also, all Muslims are terrorists and George Bush is a saint! I love these forums. I've been wondering whether or not to post here, but I think I definitely will now. I don't think Thanks a lot, cunts.
  2. a) Sorry, I couldn't be bothered to find the exact quote, but you said something along the lines of reading it for historical value, but not reading it because it's boring. Or something. Aren't you being a bit pendantic? Note the use of the word "most". The majority (and we're talking a good 99%) of Germans loved Hitler unti the war started to go badly. You've got to love the irony of you telling me off for misquoting you, and then in your next post you misquote me.
  3. I'm also interested to see what else I've said in this thread is "fucking annoying". Maybe it was that Mein Kampf is banned in Germany, which you took to mean "was banned everywhere" (judging from your comment about having it on your book-shelf).
  4. Why don't you actually read what I say instead of having a period over one thing? Like deadworm said, it was a response from their post. They said that they would only read it for the historical value, I said there was little or none. I have no idea what you're going on about for the rest of your post, so I'll leave my response to that.Oh, and Steven... why don't you just FUCK OFF?
  5. Okay, well, Mein Kampf is still a bit dodgy for trying to work out Hitler's ideas, seeing as it's so badly written. A Hitler biography would be interesting though. I saw a book called Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives in the libary once that looked good. Shame it was an inch thick!
  6. Ron Gilbert on Shaun of the Dead

    Spaced also looks good. I was reading the description and it said it had Star Wars refferences aplenty. (So Monkey Island)
  7. Just look at shbazjinkin's link - "Nazi symbols and gestures, including words and actions which can be interpreted as condoning Nazism, are illegal in Germany."I know that not being able to buy a book and not being able to own a book are different, but the concept remains the same. It's not like a 17 year old having an 18 rated game, it's more important than that. Police aren't going to search your house for having that book, but if you read it in public it'll definitely be frowned upon. You may get arrested, I don't know. The book actually has very little historical value. The only use it has is understanding what Hitler's ideas were in he 1920s. He dictated it in Britain to his secretary, Rudolf Hess, and thus it's completely contained to his ideas, and has no historical facts in it whatsoever. It's not only boring, it's also really badly written. There are numerous online versions of it so Google one down if you don't believe me. At the end of the day it's a badly written racist peice of rubbish. 60 years ago almost every German treated it like their bible - by baning it the Germans have shown how ashamed they are at that area of history and how much they want to move on from it. I remembered a quote from a Hollocaust survivor which I saw in the Imperial War Museum, London. I can't remember the exact wording but it was something like "we haven't learnt our lesson from the Hollocaust, because if we had, we wouldn't have some of the things we have today [like neo-Nazism]". Everything the survivors said was memorable, but that stuck in my mind especially well. Another good one: "I still believe in God, but I don't believe that he can answer prayers anymore" (again, it's not an exact quote but you get the jist)
  8. The Future of adventure games?

    I said no, because I simply wouldn't be interested in it. If I want to play an adventure game I want to do it properly. That said, I would like more portable adventures for GBs and the like, to keep me entertained on long car journeys. You could say that doing it on a phone is just the same as that, but I'm not yet convinced that it is.
  9. Ron Gilbert on Shaun of the Dead

    I love Shaun of the Dead. Oh yes I do.
  10. We should, but perhaps we should vote on it first? Let's make a poll to make a poll! It's having an opinion gone mad.
  11. Yeah, okay, I admit it, the idea that you can't buy Mein Kampf in Germant is a complete urban myth. I mean, it's only written by Hitler. It only says how Germans are the master race and how social darwinism should be put into full effect. It wouldn't look bad at all if the country that was supposed to be ashamed of their recent past had the book widely available in stores. So yeah, just another urban myth, like the Hollocaust is.I'm pretty sure the Nazi salute is illegal, but if it isn't then it's at the very least severely frowned upon. But if you go around immitating a Nazi they'll arrest you for "inciting racial hatred", even if they don't say they'll arrest you for saying heil hitler and owning Mein Kampf.
  12. Well, I'm not sure on the details, but I do know for a fact that it's banned from all bookshops, as well as the Wolfesntein games and anything else Nazi related. Wave to someone in Germany and prepare to get arrested for doing the Nazi salute!
  13. I don't personally see the point in people owning Mein Kampf. If you want to be reminded of the evils of mankind then there are much better books to illustrate that. Also, in case you misunderstood my point, I was saying that it'll get you locked up in Germany - like Farbor says, Germany has very strict anti-Nazi laws.I just got back from the Imperial War Museum in London and I had a bit of extra time so I went through the Hollocaust exhibition again, which was as great as ever.
  14. Pfft, details! People always go on about how many Hitler killed, but people forget that Stalin killed more. Not that numbers matter - it was the way the killings were made that earn the Hollocaust it's dark name. Slightly off-topic, but only slightly: I just finished reading All Quiet on the Western Front today. Brilliant book - I thoroughly recomend it to anyone. Slightly more on-topic: I'm going to the Imperial War Museum for WW1 stuff tomorow, which reminds me that they have a brilliant display on the Hollocaust. It has survivors giving accounts all the way through it and there's one bit where you see hundreds and thousands of shoes collected from the victims. That's one of the most horrible things you can see, especially when you notice that there are children's shoes amongst the collection.