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  1. Oh shoot, we are undone by this absolute badass.
  2. UGH. Thanks, yeah, I totally forgot about those Cheetos! Still though, that extremely unbranded, clunky brown box of cherry pie makes me want to draw comparisons to the Mitchum's breakfast and create a whole corruption/purity thing via branding. It's a dumb thing that I crave.
  3. I've been (probably over)thinking about the use of straight-up Raisin Bran Crunch in the breakfast scene from this episode. For some reason, that one cereal box has really heightened the show-within-a-show vibe I've been getting from the Mitchums and a lot of the rest of the Vegas characters; like a frameless "Invitation to Love." It stuck out to me so much that it felt like a commentary on product placement in prime time TV, or possibly a device to tell us something about the space the Mitchums inhabit versus the rest of the Twin Peaksiverse. For comparison, I went back and scanned through the first pancake breakfast scene with Dougie, Janey-E, and Sonny Jim. Here, I believe all the logos for the flour, juice, and other food items are either turned away from the camera or otherwise inscrutable. Is this anything? Has there been any other prominent use of a real-world food or other product in the show to this point (original run/FWWM/return) that I'm forgetting?
  4. Don't ever change, Doug!
  5. Hahaha! My dog was so baffled by these sounds, and seemed genuinely concerned for my speaker.
  6. My life is improved. Thanks Doug!
  7. Would still like it if these forums linked to the main Idle Thumbs site in the template somewhere. I know you guys are busy, though!
  8. Ferguson

    Miss the days when "Nixon staffer and son of a Nixon staffer" was a weird throwaway fact about him, rather than a painful, defining clue to his psyche.
  9. Was not aware, either! The discussion on the episode reminded me of and A Day in the Life of Ranger Smith, made by the Spümcø (Ren & Stimpy) crew in the late 90's.
  10. Leveraging said shit in a post just to get people's ire up and then slap them with it in a follow-up isn't the most productive discourse, though.
  11. I got and watched the hell out of that Donkey Kong Country VHS, as well as the Banjo Kazooie tape that arrived a couple years later. Unfortunately, I was never able to buy an N64 and play it back then, so my personal hype level surrounding that game has only continued to build and build over the past 17 years, reaching an unhealthy stage.
  12. Idle Thumbs Animated

    I thought this was great!
  13. Not exactly a true comments section. Idle Thumbs features often included space for other Thumbs writers and friends to write second/alternate opinions. Many years ago, I chose to contribute that dumb thing to Ben's piece.
  14. Just got to the Jaws Game section; Majesco's showing at E3 2005 was a huge part of old Thumbs coverage. Why not read the preview?
  15. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Welcome, dudes!
  16. Embarrassingly, after all the discussion and endorsement on the podcast, it took Flynn actually embedding the first episode of The Smash Brothers in a post on this very thread to get me to finally watch it. I'm really glad I did, but bummed at how low the bar had to be set for me to actually invest the time.
  17. The Idle Thumbs 10th Anniversary Committee

    Argh dropbox is blocked at my office but I'm dying to see the finished Vanaman. This is the best thread.
  18. Idle Thumbs 10th Anniversary

    Hmm, I provided beer at E3 2005, which I was old enough to buy, 9(!) years ago. Gosh.
  19. Idle Thumbs 10th Anniversary

    Wow! Idle Thumbs: gettin' people industry jobs since like 2005, probably.
  20. The Idle Thumbs 10th Anniversary Committee

    This thread is excellent, not least because it taught me about nested spoilers. (I've been away for awhile )
  21. Idle Thumbs 10th Anniversary

    I'm really happy that Idle Thumbs was 3 or 4 different things but the community stayed up and active through all the different phases, even/especially the parts where nothing was really happening.
  22. BioShock 2

    Props to DE who worked on the Steamworks update. Really stoked at the response so far.
  23. Mass Effect 3

    Just started getting into this and already hit a mission blocker so I can't complete "Aria: Eclipse." Let's see what tech support suggests.