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  1. Broken Sword 4 annouced!

    I really enjoyed the often cheesy banter between George and Nico, and I think itimproved as the series progressed. I loved Broken Sword 3 too, it just had far too many crate puzzles.
  2. Ahh yes vote for her

    Fantastic Four has the best gratuitous semi-nudity scene ever. No really. Something along the lines of. Mr Fantastic: Hey! Go invisible and sneak past the crowd! Invisible Girl: Okay, I'm invisible now! But my clothes are still visible!! MF: So take them off dummy!!11 IG: Okay, down to my bra and pants OH NO visible again!
  3. I have to say, though - your book didn't quite do it for me.
  4. I'm sure he had more of a hand in it? Henry Selick can't have been that much of a player, James & the Giant Peach was an utterly horrible, bad, bad, film. As for Charlie, my views are quite similar to Yufster's. Roald Dahl would be utterly pissed off with the back-story, the ending and the Wonka-character being completely different from the quick-talking super-keen book-Wonka (although Deppo still played a nice character). The family-values-hurray! moral was unnecessary, too. Other than that, it was basically Tim Burton does Chocolate Factory. The kids all worked very well, the book was trimmed very neatly, and the Oompa Loompa songs were ace. I'm disappointed it didn't end in style, like the first one. I'd love to see the Great Glass Elevator adapted. Although it totally should have used sky-hooks and not jets. P.S. I really liked the teaser trailer. The one with the puppet song in the background. The main trailer was crap, though. P.P.S. There's an adaptation of Fantastic Mr Fox in the works! Wes Anderson too! Dahl is so much trendier than Rowling.
  5. Seen any good movies lately?

    The version I saw seemed to be subbed pretty well although it was all downloaded and stuff. Maybe some friendly IRC fanboy became fluent in Japanese and translated it himself. I wish Ghibli/Disney/Whoever would spend more time with their DVDs, they really do treat Western audiences like shit. They even mess with the translation, casting big-name stars rather than real voice actors. It's hard to like Pazu in Castle in the Sky when he has the voice of Dawson.
  6. I read more of the early ones - the first two Rincewind books, 'Mort', 'Guards! Guards!' and maybe another. Mort was probably the most enjoyable. It's not that I need something simple either , it's just that I can't stand the forced zaniness of Pratchett, how every thing is all quirky and therefore hilarious. Like an eighth colour! A wizard that can't do spells! A hilariously agressive, mobile piece of luggage! It was a long time ago, so not a lot else comes to mind, but Pratchett seemed to focus more on being eccentric than telling stories. And pandering to the nerdy men. I know a plasterer with a flatcap, a thick yorkshire accent and a wad of rolling tobaccos constantly stuffed into his front pocket who thoroughly enjoys them, though.
  7. I don't particularly like Pratchett. I've read through four or five Discworld books, and haven't been particularly impressed. Rowling 4eva. People just like decorating their bookshelfs with pretty Discworld spines, they simply must own the whole collection! Just like Pokemon. I bet Potter has been responsible for a lot of people taking up the Discworld series. My small brother certainly had an interest in fantasy after he finished reading about Hogwarts, and Pratchett led the way.
  8. DS multiplayer gaming

    Metroid Prime 2 multiplayer was poo, though. I don't know what Hunters is like. Metroid is all about the lone Samus and her loneliness in a big lonely place! Multiplayer, pfft.
  9. Seen any good movies lately?

    Have you seen Nausicaa, of the Valley of the Wind? Totally my favourite at the moment. I wish they'd release more of them on DVD over here. Instead we have a few generally overpriced and pretty poor editions - Spirited Away being the exception, with no dub-titles or anything. I still really need to see My Neighbour Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service and the Castle of Cagliostro. I shall no doubt be downloading since I am home for the holiday with nothing better to do.
  10. Doom Movie Trailer Out

    Vin Diesel could beat up the Rock, no question.
  11. Please to recommend things?

    Pro Evolution Soccer. ALL you need. Buy every version!
  12. Seen any good movies lately?

    Dingo: Tee. I loved Rushmore actually, I need to grab Bottle Rocket now.
  13. Seen any good movies lately?

    Really? I found it to be nothing special. Still, a lot better than James & The Giant Peach which is probably the worst Dahl adaptation to date. It should never have been adapted anyway. The Jack Skellington cameo was ace, however. Other films I'd like to whinge about include Wedding Crashers and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I expected a lot more from Crashers, I should have done a little reading on it rather than let myself be lured into cinemas by Owen Wilson and his comically shaped nose. Hitchhikers - well, I don't think I'm a fan of Douglas Adams to be honest. Martin Freeman actually played the role very well, which I was initally sceptical about, and it seemed to be a solid film. However, I didn't find it too funny. Sin City & Batman Begins were both absolutely excellent films, and I also really liked Millions which is the latest Danny Boyle film - a "family" version of Shallow Grave with a pretty cheesy ending, but still very good. It's motivated me to dig through Boyle's back catalogue. I'm going to watch Rushmore tonight, maybe. It was totally £4 in this ace little DVD shop that's opened in town! I'm going to waste a lot of money there... :~
  14. Looks like you got your wish...

    Surely he'll be made a martyr by some insane gamer gamer, running his mouth of in such a fashion.
  15. Longhorn sounding funnier every day

    I like how the third screengrab down has an advert for firefox totally cussing up ie.