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  1. Just stay up. I'm hoping to be there! Excited!
  2. Ooh ooh! Thanks for the reply. I completely forgot about my intention to join you guys in online GTA IV until today (only 5 days late!), but assuming it pops into my mind on any given Monday I'll follow your advice. Thanks again!
  3. Yo. I guess I've missed this tonight, but I'll be interested in joining in next week! I might need a quick guide suitable for a thick man called Thicky McThick who's just enrolled in a school for the thick though - I couldn't work out how to join a particular game. Took me long enough to work out the "access multiplayer from your actual in-game mobile phone" thing. Looks pretty good fun though!
  4. You bendy bus. And surely reading a decent blog isn't a "waste" of time?!
  5. Grand Theft Auto IV

    True fact. I don't remember it being much different in GTA4, but the default camera angle has annoyed me in every 3D GTA ever released. I just get into the habit of holding the right-hand stick slightly downwards to raise it up.
  6. Brilliant. The most comprehensive collection of USSR puns ever assembled. I'm hoping the "Permanent Revolution" achievement is won by standing next to the cart and firing your minigun for the entire round, in those rare cases where attacking is a walkover and the heavy can actually do that.
  7. I'd like to see all spies burning in a grave. Filthy bastards. However, I do think a 'distractor' weapon would be a great thing for a spy - something that would make real members of the enemy team look a bit like a spy to their teammates, by making them randomly fade into invisibility or change appearance. I would also like to see engineers develop some kind of 'spy sense', because even when you the player can see a spy coming for your stuff, it's all too easy for them to sap your shit and stab you in the back before you have chance to do anything about it. So, it sounds like we're not really playing tonight? I'm happy to wait until tomorrow (Thursday).
  8. Wooh what? TF2 this Wednesday? I'm in unless I forget!
  9. Games with musical numbers

    Well, unless it looks just like the N64 version in all respects, I think you've pasted the wrong link. But no matter, I found the droids I was looking for! Censorship eh - it's a terrible thing. :~
  10. Games with musical numbers

    And wow. I knew That's Death existed but had no idea it was so awesome. Great stuff!
  11. Games with musical numbers

    Ah man. You only had to mention the N64 to remind me of this absolute classic: "How about some scat you little twat?" A phrase equally applicable to the game world as to everyday life. Absolutely. A huge part of the appeal of Portal was in its jokes and its presentation, from the cutesey turrents to The Cake Is A Lie. But that's how Valve roll nowadays - they understand that to elevate their games above 'another puzzle game' and 'another team-based multiplayer FPS', they have to inject a touch of something different. That's a great thing!
  12. A couple of things over the past few days has made me realise that games with musical numbers are far too rare. After all, who can forget the sheer joy of and ? Nobody, that's who. At least, nobody with a soul.So, I thought it'd be nice to have a thread documenting these semi-rare gems, hopefully with some Youtube links for those who've been missing out. I'll kick things off with the two games that got me thinking, namely: . Perhaps this falls into the much more common category of "games that have a bit of a song at the end, kinda like Rainslick Precipice of Darkness and piles of others to be honest", but it's so great and in keeping with the rest of the game, I think it deserves a special mention.Secondly (and brilliantly), . Don't listen if you're susceptive to awful, annoying songs getting lodged in your brain, spreading through your psyche like an unstoppable wasting disease, because... man. You'll regret it.
  13. Connecting console to TV

    I find it strange that many of you seem to dislike SCART, while being needlessly confused by the alternatives. What could be more versatile and easy-to-use than a single connector that offers stereo audio, video in two forms, and trickery like widescreen switching? The process for getting the best picture quality without SCART would be something like: Post confused message on the Internet, get typically mixed messages from denizens who don't seem too clear themselves, get more confused, complain about SCART for a while, end up marginally more informed than you were to start with, buy a bundle of cables that probably aren't what you want.... Alternatively, with SCART, the process in PAL land is as simple as: Buy RGB SCART cable for your console of choice, generally an aftermarket item used by console manufacturers to bleed you dry (much cheaper 3rd party alternatives exist). Connect to SCART. Your TV supports RGB? You get RGB. It doesn't? You still get a picture, albeit a less nice one. Better than mucking about with RCA connectors isn't it?
  14. DS modding

    Aye. I've found it a bit confusing because, as you say, fishing reliable information from the sea of murky sites is quite difficult. The current state of play is that the one DS homebrew app I've tried - ScummVM - works nicely, although it took some doing as I used a relatively new flash cart. GBA ROMs seem to work without any problem, but I haven't had any luck getting DS pikeyness to run - mainly because I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to be doing. It's entirely possible in theory, though.