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  1. The completely fake IF thread

    > you dont have a fuck.
  2. The completely fake IF thread

    > Use naked picture of George bush on computer # also shut your trap.
  3. The completely fake IF thread

    > Insert penis into mouth of 3d yufster head.
  4. That's me...

  5. That's me...

    My god woman, cease your infernal nattering.
  6. That's me...

    You have been eaten by a Grue p.s. D.O.B.: 14th February 1987 JEEEEESSSUS arent people born post 81 still toddlers?
  7. Gothic II English demo

    I got Gothic 2 back at release. Its a great game, but its fucking confusing to get into, and there are a few points in the game where you feel kinda lost. I never completed it though, but then again i rarely do.
  8. Games wot I pitched

    its Mason innit.
  9. Games wot I pitched

    why dont you pitch a game where you play the part of a famous celebrity and you have to inappropraitely touch young children without getting a picture taken of you by the ever present paparatzi.
  10. The Hoff (all hail his greatness) could batter Mr campbell seven ways from sunday without breaking a sweat. How dare you. Heretic.
  11. i want rose online bots or ryl

    I knew that description, but what did you mean foo'
  12. i want rose online bots or ryl

    what the fuck is a) ryl a doppleganger p.s. its a rabbit.
  13. european gamer afraid of cooties?

    What the fuck is a cootie?
  14. College

  15. College

    My halls rocked. All I did for a year was drink vodka, snort far to much charlie, get naked with chicks and do some fucking stupid shit. best friend nearly died because of it and I ended up seeing a "head doctor" to get my life sorted afterwards, but hey, it was fucking fun at the time.