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  1. Wow... just... wow. However, I love the idea that we're not ready to shoot aliens on our PCs until we've shot them in real life
  3. The, "Oy fuckin' oy!" moments

    You know, there was a lack of half naked men in the GTA games. I think the gay community should sue like Haitii did.
  4. This Transformers game

    I played a demo at the Sony booth at E3 today. Honestly, I was pretty impressed at how polished the game looked. I saw the Transformers game that came over from Japan a couple of months ago, and the new game by Atari looks so good by comparison that it isn't even funny. I couldn't really hear much, but combat was frantic yet fun and the graphics were pretty damn nice.
  5. Dreamfall blows

    ...filthy child...
  6. The, "Oy fuckin' oy!" moments

    I wanna know why you can't have sex on a motorcycle in Vice City. Not that I really want to, but I thought it would be funny. Speaking of funny places to have sex, they should have also given us that option with the airplane and the speedboats. Just think, your health could go up while you lose control of the vehicle and crash it
  7. Dreamfall blows

    Do you even KNOW anything about Dreamfall other than it's an adventure game? Go play The Longest Journey and (after you publicly apologize for bitching about Ragnar's masterpiece series) assume the inevitable position of waiting for Dreamfall with baited breath. A whole bunch of us from Thumbs have seen the preview of Dreamfall here at E3 and we're all drooling over it. Seriously, don't comment on games that you don't know anything about.
  8. The Bard's Tale

    So, about an hour and a half ago Doug and I stopped by the Acclaim booth at E3 and weaseled our way into an interview with inXile Entertainment, developers of The Bard's Tale. This game looks really cool. Currently running off of the BG: DA engine, the demo showed that this upcoming dungeon-crawler looked a little rough around the edges with graphics, but the camera control was very smooth and efficient. Sean Patton, a developer for inXile, was running the demo for us and was really excited about this game. One of the biggest pieces of news is that Acclaim signed Cary Elwes (Wesley in "The Princess Bride") to voice the lead character, who is only known as The Bard. The biggest feature about The Bard's Tale is its story and narration. The story follows The Bard around as he finds himself suckered by destiny to combat some sort of millenia-old evil and we get to listen to him bitch, complain, and insult anyone who will pay attention to him throughout the entire game. Sean stressed that his company didn't want to create just another RPG that had story elements everyone had already seen and could predict. Apparently a key scene in the game will involve The Bard watching some snot-nosed punk claim that he is "the Chosen One!" and then get slaughtered by the group of enemies that he is blustering to. Once they've finished making their kid-kebab, they then turn their attention to our luckless hero and he has to somehow get out of the situation. Combat looks deceptively easy in this early run, but Sean stressed that it can be much more intricate and effective than all-out button mashing if players want it to be. He showed us a few parries and magic spells and told us that there were a lot more of these things in the full version of the game. I feel obligated to stress how much fun this game looks. Not merely because we were given free T-shirts (college students are so not above bribery), but because this relatively early build of the game looks pretty darn impressive. Currently, Acclaim is hoping to publish The Bard's Tale sometime in the third quarter of this year. When I get to a computer with a working CD ROM, I'll upload the screenshots on the Acclaim PR CD that was given out.