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  1. George Bush Doesn't Care about Black People

    Even werider is that Kanye has a song called Jesus Walks that someone played in my church group. Goes really well with Get Em High.
  2. I got that Mickey's Magical Tetris thing for gameboy. Greatist puzzle game ever.
  3. The positive thread

    I've been reading fluxblog recently and it rocks my socks and my shoes
  4. Gmail invites

    I also have a rediclus amount of g-mail invites. PM if you want one. I will also sell moi soul for a WordPress.com invite.
  5. How did you lose your gaming virginity ?

    First game ever? Tetris on the old blocky game boy. I played that damn thing for hours. Still do. First "Hardcore Game"? I'm almost embarrassed to admit it, but Banjo-Tooie. It's probably the first substantial game I completed. I played a little bit of it now and I wonder why I liked it so much, but it still has it's moments. Some how that led to game sites, reading a review for Grim Fandango and getting into adventures. Needless to say, Psychonauts is dream come fucking true.
  6. Rockstar Presents the Warriors

    Wait Wait Wait, the game is called Gun? Dude. I can totally imagine this conversation now: 1: What are you going to go play. 2: Gun. 1: Dude, isn't that that game where you shot things! 2: Yea. 1: Awesome!
  7. Any one been reading these? http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com/show.cgi?show=145
  8. The Decline of Video Gaming

    Further proof that just because you are a nerd doesn't make you a good voice actor, but whatever. They're okay.
  9. My favorite game of all time...

    What I'd always do is put a bunch of cats and mice in one big screen with a bunch of trampolines on the bottom to bounce them everywhere and watch the cats kill the mice.
  10. Nifty real-time water effect

    I think it looks too real for a video game and will stick out against less good looking things, but it is pretty anyway.
  11. i want rose online bots or ryl

    It bewilders me but does not confuse.
  12. Favorite developer logo intro seq.

    The HR game company Videlectrix has those funny logo things that rock.
  13. Longhorn new screenshots I just have to say that the new screenshots of the next windows are looking, believe it or not, looking really good. Really sexy too.
  14. Intro Sequences in Games

    Yea, Psychonauts and Grim Fandango's openings basically spent the whole time talking about their complex premise in an overly obvious manner. Their all right, but the rest of the game's cinemas are a lot better.
  15. Scarface Screenshot Strike

    The snow/beach shot is funny because they are both wearing short sleeves in what looks like snow.
  16. Why the Hate on Metal Gear?

    I found this article that kinda explains why the hell the creators made MGS2 so weird. It's a little "new games journalism" *fright* but it's pretty good and mentions Ico. dreaming in an empty room
  17. Idle Thumbs

    A load of utter crap, on top of a load of crap, sandwiched between two slices of crap. Good artwork though.
  18. Any non-video gamers out there?

    I play a lot of Apples to Apples, which is essentially an excuse to say something stupid then laugh your ass off.
  19. New Zelda details

    It really doesn't look that unoriginal to me. Some of the enemies look really inspired. The first look that Ron got so mad about was bland enough to warrant mehs, but it's looking a lot better.
  20. The XBOX 360 revelation thingy

    [cough][cough][sniffle] (It can do .doc)
  21. Ok, so the directors chop up a few jokes to the point that their not funny, some of the best and most thoughtful bits from the book are dissolved into physical comedy and they added in some really pointless romance that really shouldn't of been there. Screw it. The movie rocked (except for that love story that was done really badly. I mean, really badly. Just ignore it and you'll be happy.). Even if the directors don't know crap about humorous banter, the movie has a visual lushness that is simply awe inspiring. The art directors are gods. And for every opportunity to tell a joke that the movie misses, they hit another gag perfectly. It may not be the perfect movie that the books deserved, but it shure is worth the money to go see it.
  22. I still don't like it, because it brings a few otherwise funny scenes too a screeching halt. I'm not against the addition of this plotline, but it's not funny or poignant, just annoying.
  23. http://www.gamespot.com/news/index.html Look, look at the bottom! There do you see it? There, ten down from that game that got a 4.5! See it SEE IT
  24. nice painty thing

    Wough, this is fun. It adds a sort of randomness that is king of missing from most computer art. http://artpad.art.com/?ieqwr81ftvww