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  1. First game ever? Tetris on the old blocky game boy. I played that damn thing for hours. Still do.

    First "Hardcore Game"? I'm almost embarrassed to admit it, but Banjo-Tooie. It's probably the first substantial game I completed. I played a little bit of it now and I wonder why I liked it so much, but it still has it's moments. Some how that led to game sites, reading a review for Grim Fandango and getting into adventures. Needless to say, Psychonauts is dream come fucking true.

  2. It really doesn't look that unoriginal to me. Some of the enemies look really inspired. The first look that Ron got so mad about was bland enough to warrant mehs, but it's looking a lot better.

  3. :tup:

    Ok, so the directors chop up a few jokes to the point that their not funny, some of the best and most thoughtful bits from the book are dissolved into physical comedy and they added in some really pointless romance that really shouldn't of been there. Screw it. The movie rocked (except for that love story that was done really badly. I mean, really badly. Just ignore it and you'll be happy.). Even if the directors don't know crap about humorous banter, the movie has a visual lushness that is simply awe inspiring. The art directors are gods. And for every opportunity to tell a joke that the movie misses, they hit another gag perfectly. It may not be the perfect movie that the books deserved, but it shure is worth the money to go see it.