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  1. Hello

    Color the fart greenish, makes the smilie more readable.
  2. Deadworm and Trep

    Everything’s innuendo!
  3. World of Warcraft

    How do thoughts taste? Cause' words taste like crap.
  4. Your avatars are being held hostage...

    While were on the topic of needless dreaming...
  5. The Year 2005

    buh-dum cshhh!
  6. Your avatars are being held hostage...

    How bout a compromise? Both smiles stay, new :: thing for the text one.
  7. Did santa bring gaming goodness?

    I got the second Sly Couper and Viewtuiful Joe . I hope Joe will grow on me.
  8. From the state the brought you the democratic savior to mankind, comes this, with a side order of Gamespot giving opinions in news: Clicky
  9. Heres the gov's site: http://www.safegamesillinois.org/index.php (And therefore make the game evil without letting anyone know what is in it, unlike the ESRB that actually tells you.) (Note how the back of the box has more inormation about the games than his website) And the pariody site: http://www.safegamesillinois.com/
  10. Minna Daisuki Katamari Damacy

    This game is going to rock, I mean, look at what the website says about it: I must really suck translating games. You know, without google to do it for them.
  11. Yea, yea yea. That’s because twenty-four hour gaming news is going to be slow. I mean, they have a wide definition for news at Entertainment Weekly, so you think that it’s going to be any better with such a narrow subject as this?
  12. Scrapyard HL2 Mod

    Everything, eventually, comes bact to Katamari Damacy.
  13. Gamespot's Best/Worst of 2004

    I only wonder why HL2 wasn't in for most inovative and best game mechanic for the gravity gun and those physics. They did seem to be too hard on it in their review, but oh well. Also note that Madden did not get onto best traditional sports. I love these guys!
  14. What's your favorite drug?

    And mine...
  15. No I agree that Gamespot sucks, that it takes too scientific approach on reviewing, that it’s boring most of the time, but it’s not like it’s evil or truly disgusting. I really don’t care. Also note the part of my post that you didn't care to quote. Point of advice, if you don't want to look like an asshole be shure to not leave out an important part of a quote when making an assumption based on it. http://forums.idlethumbs.net/showthread.php?p=18986
  16. THE DESIGN DOCUMENT oooooooo

    Great, now you've made greatness sound like a formula. Good job, time bitch. No really, more delevelpers should try that formula.
  17. Joke game boss line: "I smolder with generic rage, driven by the stereotypical demons, born of the laugably obvious gods, fueled by the souls of the uninspired comic book artists!"
  18. Is it just me, or does Gamespot not mean shit? This is the nth thread on how Gamespot is crappy, boring and biased. Please can we stop this crap? Sorry to be so blunt, but we have better things to talk about. Like John Romero.
  19. I hate SLOW people

    You know who I hate? People who talk way too fast. You can't understand a damn word they're saying. And, you know, say fuck several times in a row. I got what you ment the first time, eh? EH? You know, I think with all the dirty thoughts out loud and the slow speach he may actually be retarded, you know slightly. My like how my cousin would be if he grew up around assholes.
  20. Matrix a ripoff

    http://search.cnn.com/pages/search/advanced.jsp?Coll=cnn_xml&QuerySubmit=true&Page=1&QueryText=matrix%20sophia%20stewart&query=matrix%20sophia%20stewart http://www.latimes.com/search/dispatcher.front?Query=Sophia+Stewart+matrix&x=0&y=0&target=article http://query.nytimes.com/search/query?srcht=s&srchst=nyt&vendor=&query=Sophia+Stewart+matrix&date_select=full&submit.x=0&submit.y=0&submit=Search (Holy general search batman!) http://query.nytimes.com/search/query?srcht=a&srchot=a&query=Sophia+Stewart+matrix&field=abs&mon0=12&day0=08&year0=2004&daterange=period&mon1=09&day1=30&year1=2004&mon2=12&day2=08&year2=2004&cre=The+New+York+Times&sort=closest&submit.x=34&submit.y=18&submit=http%3A%2F%2Fgraphics8.nytimes.com%2Fimages%2Farticle%2Fsearch_button.gif&sources=all Note, all these news sorces are owned by AOL Time Warner.
  21. The Incredibles sequel

    ^ The world is now a safer place.
  22. I thought the title smelled funny.
  23. Somebody make it stop

    Biology Teacher: Mary, can you tell me tha defination of a habatat Mary: "A habatat is made up of several different orgasams that live to gether in harmony." Teacher: Yes, those orgasams...isims make up what, Jerimy? And stop laughing.