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  1. Wonderful, Sad, Touching, Gorgeous Syberia

    Just a question about TLJ, is the main girl as annoying in the game as she is in the demo, or at least, not any worse? And am I the only one who finds it weird that they curse in a fantasy world? Ok, thanks. I see how they can justify it.
  2. Who is this woman

    Get a Gmail then! It's the same mailly goodness without the creepy lady! I got some invites if you want them.
  3. First Thumbs Post

    I'm not fuzzy, I happen to be pink and fleshy.
  4. http://shortpacked.itswalky.com/ (Feb 21) I'm not really shure what they are getting at, but at least it's relevent.
  5. RuneScape

    I know a few people who play it, but the ridicule that they endure has prevented me from starting.
  6. Hitchhikers Guide - new trailer

    Okay... I didn't expect when I hurd about the move for anything more than what the trailer showed, except the funny. But it looks like the movie will just be a couple of weird gags with general silly attitude. It's what the books were and I read them about once a year. I don't know why, I just never grow tied of them. The movie looks to be just a silly movie. The few major changes that might anger purists are mainstreaming pure and simple, but in a good way. Making Ford Prefect black just goes with the idea that he is the advisor to the stupid white guy. See Bubba from Forest Gump, G-d in Bruce Almighty, The Green Mile, etc. It feels right. And having Zaphod Beeblebrox without his other heads allows the audience to be less weirded out by the guy at first meeting, and allows them to pull off a joke with the multi-head device. So, the trailer only made me laugh once, so I’m not going to make a call yet if the movie will be funny. I just hope that they are saving the good gags for the movie.
  7. Stolen from Boing Boing: http://www.kontraband.com/show/show.asp?ID=1851
  8. Tim Schafer's niece = babe of the month

    I think it's a different family. If it really was his neice they probably would of made a point of that.
  9. The end of Ion Storm

    http://www.gamespot.com/news/2005/02/10/news_6118364.html Oh yea, well, I'll steal your thunder!: http://forums.idlethumbs.net/showthread.php?p=27639
  10. "Bonjour Mainstream"

    I think the slut thing is less of the game's falt and more of the guy just being an asshole. I know people who just refer to any attractive woman as a slut. I think that this quote may not be bad for Ancel. When you think about it, who really wants to control a girl and her pig? Tim Shaffer:
  11. Smoking

    I cannot hear anything about smoking without thinking of the subliminal cigarette ad gag I saw on some show. It was a scene from Lassie with occasional cuts to a guy just moaning out smoooookkkkkeeeee. I have a friend who smokes and whenever he talks about it he does that joke.
  12. Stupid game ideas (Your own)

    It would be like an adventure game with the realistic posability of screwing up and failing, but then you can rewind time when you make a mistake like POP. Pair that up with a great story and you got yourself a classic!
  13. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory trailer

    Epic. Damn epic. Doesn't show a single new piece of gameplay, except for one that isn’t all that special, but I like it. It does sound more like an introduction than a continuation, but it has more thought provoking dialogue in three minutes than most whole games.
  14. Get your portrait with Shrek 2!

    I don't think Disney wrote the films, did they? Then we would have some "Americanime" crappy action thing like the rest of their recent movies. Just to clarify.
  15. Fuck

    Ha, thrustmaster, I laughed for three minutes after reading that. Who needs maturity?
  16. TFT monitors

    What's Aldi? Is it like Ikea?
  17. US Gay Bomb

    It's called chastity, man. They aren't all gay.
  18. US Gay Bomb

    Those wepons, especually the gay bomb, would of been very weird if they started to be sold illigally. Very weird.
  19. Seen any good movies lately?

    Probably the only movie that I have been dragged to unwillingly and yet sill enjoyed was the utter oddity that is Oceans 12. It's a half assed sequel only created for the money that knows it's a half assed sequel, and continually parodies itself. The plot takes the kind of stupid plot turns (like a character that wants to be known as the MASTER THEIF) done in the kind of style of an old film back when people weren’t already burnt out on that kind of stupidity. And, because no one has used that kind of plot in years, it works. I can’t say I recommend it, because it doesn’t really try to do anything all that effecting or worthwhile. But, never the less, I liked it.
  20. The Ipod Shuffle's marketing is brilliant, turning the lack of a screen into a plus. I'm awstruck.
  21. Psychonauts box art

    OK, that pisses me off. That really pisses me off. They act like KOTR invented the thing!
  22. Psychonauts box art

    For (what probably is) publisher vs. developer art, see ICO USA vs. ICO Japan
  23. Psychonauts box art

    The reason that the characters from both Psychonauts and The Incredibles look so alike is that they both use the same design philosophy, which is the idea that if you're going to animate a human character, make it look as weird as possible. Psychonauts is more weird looking, but it definitely is more interesting to look at than most realistic characters (see Shrek, and just about every Dreamworks animated charicter).
  24. Psychonauts box art

    I think the off centerness will look better with the branding on, moveing the logo down.
  25. Just got my wisdom teeth pulled

    My dentist may be evil, but for different reasons than the stereotype. He's good at what he does, you know, quick and painless . But every time I go out there he gives me a handful of these good chocolates, and gives away yoo-hoos to the younger kids (his receptionist also once offered my mom a glass of wine, perfect for when she is about to drive me home). But with all this sugar he will likely give his patents cavities, and ensure a steady line of customers. He’s evil, evil I tell you!