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  1. Psychonauts = 9.5 from OXM

    Bc9b's Hypoanylsis: The Xbox magizine's score is higher than EGM's because the Xbox has not had a great platformer like the PS2 and Gamecube games like Rachet and Mario, which EGM compared it to.
  2. "Stinkoman" game on Homestarrunner

    I think the strong bad people get like, what, ten thousand emails a day? That may be why he doesn't reply.
  3. "Stinkoman" game on Homestarrunner

    Only problem, internet slowdown. I would love these games if I could download them.
  4. They came from Hollywood...

    Like Rampage, for the 21st century!
  5. Idle Thumbs

    Score: (out of 5 poo players)
  6. April Fools

    Homestar had a pritty good one, but it's down now. Good thing they have an obsessive fan base.
  7. Random Gibberish

    I'm a human wegie, of science!
  8. Psychonauts gets its first review

    Yea, I expected that out of EGM. You have to realise, these people have probably spent more hours playing platformers than everyone at Double Fine combined. They can tell the difference from a platformer by Rare and one by Nintendo. It was only docked down because of their high standards. Keep in mind that their grading scale tries to be wider than the 7.5 to 10 ones, so this is a pritty good review. Also, they are fucking idiots. "Instant classic" and you don't give it a 10? Or at least a 9? Goddamn, mathematical rating sucks.
  9. New Jak and Ratchet games

    I'll give deadlocked a chance, or at least give them a few versions to get it right. Took R&C a few. But a racing game? Thats just sad.
  10. WotW trailer

    Thought process while watching trailer: Oh great, anouther crappy, way-too-serious summer blockbuster, and this time based on a... OH IT'S BY SPIELBERG I MUST SEE IT!
  11. Zork test 2

    listen bird
  12. Zork test 2

    get egg
  13. Gamespot storytelling feature

    http://exult.sourceforge.net/ Thank God for Google
  14. Gamespot storytelling feature

    The first lines are golden, because they probably are a send up of a form question from EGM.
  15. Ubisoft 2005-2006 product lineup

    Look at any game company's lineup and you'll see alot of sequals and remakes.
  16. This isn't on the Majesto site yet, but it's worth putting up. From Electronic Gaming Monthly, they do a good job of scaring away people who know nothing about the game, even though it's just regular Shafer: Sorry about how weird the things look. To get this stuff on here I used a site that crops everything oddly, so this is about the best I could do.
  17. Whoa.

    While I just have to say WHY? but it's pritty impressive none the less.
  18. european gamer afraid of cooties?

  19. i want rose online bots or ryl

    Actually, it looks like the bunny has pancakes on his head.
  20. The Rez man joins Microsoft

    The only game that I heard that didn't work for SP2 is Freedom Force, and, well, we got a new one.
  21. Another Question for Americans

    FT-SH. Sounds dirty. Oh, and we do outscores much of the design of the new American cars. Pontiac Vibe? Toyota Matrix. Half of Ford’s new line? Mazda3 or 6. Basically, if an American Car does not suck, it was designed overseas. Yet, weirdly, they probably were built here. All of the Toyota Trucks and SUVs are built in American factories. Honda too, but not to such a degree.
  22. Bee Pc

    I would use the Oreo mediphor and say that I'm black on the outside and white on the inside if I wasn’t, in fact, white through and through. I could reverse it and say that I'm an Oops Oreo, white on the outside and black inside, but those cookies are bland and offensive tasting.
  23. A Scanner Darkly

    That looks freaky weird. It's creepy like The Polar Express but it's suposed to be.
  24. College

    That's sweet.