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  1. Yet another Psychonauts thread

    My favorite use of the Bobby Zilch dance was:
  2. Psychonauts = 9.5 from OXM

    But hey, it's an 8.7, and we all know that when it comes to reviews, it's the quantitative judgment that counts, right? Right?
  3. Psycho Store

    Bless you, United States Postal Service:
  4. Psychonauts hate thread

    Seeing as nobody has the PC version, the responsibility seems to fall on Majesco's shoulders. If GameStop had it but EB didn't, then you could fault EB's distribution pipeline. I guess you could blame EB for just bumping the ship date one day at a time, instead of a week like GameStop did, but to me that indicates that they hadn't heard anything from Majesco either, and were just assuming/hoping the shipment got misdirected for a day or two. Now it sounds like they may have heard something more concrete, or have just given up on this week.
  5. Yet another Psychonauts thread

    I accidentally played until 1:30 this morning. Lungfishopolis was awesome, and I'm in Boyd's mind right now. I think this game is the perfect canvas for Tim because the different minds allow for these random bursts of surreal creativity. In a way, it's like the Double Fine Action News come to life.
  6. Psychonauts = 9.5 from OXM

    I was going to post this in Kingz's hate thread, but that would just be cruel. Yeah, that's about right.
  7. Psychonauts PC Demo out

    Cool, where'd you find that? Did I look right past it on the official page, or is it tucked away somewhere else?
  8. Psychonauts PC Demo out

    Has anybody noticed that already has patches available? One for the demo, and one for the full game, 11 MB each. I didn't see anything specific about what they fix, but they're zip files, so maybe they include a ReadMe with more info. [EDIT] They don't, just compressed .exe files.
  9. Yet another Psychonauts thread

    For three years, I've somehow managed to completely obsess about the game in the general sense while remaining relatively ignorant about specifics. I know that there are levels with black velvet paintings, Napoleon-themed hex-based strategy games, etc., but I don't know which mind belongs to whom. So I'm looking forward to playing them all.
  10. Psychonauts = 9.5 from OXM

    The store I got mine from (also EB) looked to have 10-15 copies. They hadn't set aside the reserves yet, so I don't know how many were spoken for. I wouldn't be surprised if I was the first person to pick up a copy; they hadn't called me about my pre-order yet, so they couldn't have had them long. Also, the first guy I dealt with didn't know the cards had come in, so luckily the person who had actually received the order set him straight. In all the excitement and confusion, I forgot to pick up the mail-in voucher form, but it's available online too. In other news, I didn't get the gold disc, so it's still out there for someone. The sticker explaining the gold disc contest covers a "9 out of 10 from Play Magazine" blurb on the case. In the "Special Thanks" section of the booklet, I saw a lot of names I recognized from Idle Thumbs, the Church of Tim, Tim Fandango, and elsewhere, which is quite cool. I only got about 30 minutes of playing time last night, so I'm not even through Basic Braining yet. People who have played the PC demo know more about the game than me, but I'm having fun so far. I really appreciate the attention to detail, the little things like how Raz writes on his chalkboard as you're entering your save file name. I'm still learning my way around the controls and the camera, but it handles well so far. Tonight's to-do list: Pick up my t-shirt from GameStop and find out when they're really getting the PC version. Then come home and play hella Psychonauts.
  11. Psychonauts = 9.5 from OXM

    It has been nice knowing you all.
  12. Psychonauts = 9.5 from OXM

    I thought it was unusual that all the pictures on the news page were taken with Xbox copies. Come to think of it, maybe they just got one copy and had to pass it around for each picture. I hope Tim's picture was last. Who knows where that hoodie's been?
  13. ERSB. . . commercial?

    The one I've seen has Derek Jeter. I'm not sure I've ever seen it on TV, but it pops up on demo discs and store kiosks fairly regularly.
  14. Psychonauts = 9.5 from OXM

    Just called both stores where I pre-ordered. EB hasn't received the Xbox version, but they're still expecting it today. I drive right by it on the way home from work so I'll stop in and see. Just like Jimmy, my GameStop has the 26th listed for the PC version. Doesn't bother me, as that's not the version I'll be playing anyway, and I have enough shirts to last me for another week. But it seems a little weird as that little one-week hiccup hasn't been mentioned at all by Double Fine or Majesco. Maybe they'll get it in a surprise shipment, with the spring-coiled snakes that jump out when they open the box.