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  1. Double Fine

    Tenacious D are extremely well known in New Zealand (I think 'Tribute' may have even topped the charts), plus Jack Black is known for his roles in Rock School, King Kong & the Ten-D movie.
  2. Yeah. so.. WTF? "Sony has sparked a major row over animal cruelty and the ethics of the computer industry by using a freshly slaughtered goat to promote a violent video game. The corpse of the decapitated animal was the centrepiece of a party to celebrate the launch of the God Of War II game for the company’s PlayStation 2 console." Real? if so, uhh. Did nobody in the company / promotions agency think it might be a bad idea...?
  3. Bank of America management conference footage. Let the introduction finish, it kicks off after that. I can't quite tell if it's Bono or David Brent being channeled. Possibly both.
  4. Sam and Max

    The very day. You can also see the cancellation date on a post-it note on the desk.
  5. Sam and Max

    Emily at Telltale has posted a number of easter eggs which you may have missed (goodness knows I've seen less than half of them) on the telltale forums;
  6. Sam and Max is coming back

    I've been mistakenly thinking the remote works kind of like a light-gun, and the cursor would be controlled by where on the screen you are pointing... but now I realise it's more like a wireless joystick with motion sensing, so a sweep down would move the cursor down, even if the remote isn't aimed directly at the screen. Makes a lot more sense now!
  7. Sam and Max is coming back

    No, it was the two previous sequels that were cancelled. cancelled #1, cancelled #2. Not cancelled and the first episode coming out in November. I'm spamming up the whole internet with the following. So sue me... Sam & Max adventuregaming on the Wii, eh? Everyone seems very excited about the potential, but... Will it be practical to play it on anything other than sitting 3 feet away from a a huge, HD TV? Won't small objects get lost on the screen when you're sitting 10 feet away, and how much 'wobble' would there be in using the controller to precicely move the cursor? I guess it's all potentially doable and able to be played, as everyone's so positive about the idea. But I do wonder if the gimmick of being able to play on your TV set / Wii won't be offset with frustration issues stemming from cursor control and reading text / object hunting? I can read those hilarious signs in Boscos on my nice 21" monitor a foot-and-a-half from my face, but it'd be near impossible to make out anything more than a blur on my regular old TV while sitting on my couch. Wouldn't it?
  8. Funny. This image used on a recent Gamasutra Telltale Games/GameTap joint interview (re: Sam & Max). I bought the game about a year ago due to all the positive spin here at Thumbs. I've played a little way into it (I killed the big flying centipede thing with the cute decoy antenna) but I really struggle with it due to the lack of y-axis invert on the mouse. It's totally unnatural to me to control a FPS where mouse 'up' is look up. The ridiculous thing is that there is mouse invert, but it also inverts the x-axis. And the camera mode can be controlled correctly with just a y-axis reverse. There's no patch, though some guy wrote a 3rd party mouse invertor script that is supposed to work, but didn't seem to make any difference to me. I guess I should just try and map it to my PC gamepad, but I actually prefer mouse & keyboard for FPS style games.
  9. Grrr! Double Fine's website is restricted!

    Regarding the office blocking of doublefine's site etc, tried using Google translator to translate from english to english? It can sometimes act as a proxy server and beat office site blacklists;|en&
  10. Grrr! Double Fine's website is restricted!

    Do you, perchance, work for George Lucas?
  11. possibly interesting e3 games

    Also, kinda related, I got permission from the devs to mod it (which is agaist the EULA). Here's my SW LEGO Skinning Tutorial. Some other guys have figured out level tweaking too (see this thread). haven't cracked the archives, so no modelling or mapping yet tho'
  12. possibly interesting e3 games

    It's gonna be great. Here, read this IdleThumbs article on the dev team & first LEGO SW game. The second game (based on the Original Trilogy) is gonna be longer, funnier, harder...
  13. possibly interesting e3 games

    The trailer for LEGO STAR WARS 2; Watch it and weep shed manly tears of joy!
  14. Runaway

    The animation is nice, the main character (Bruce, Barney, Brian, whatever) is a tool. A complete tool. *** Very mild spoilers follow ** If that sounds like fun, then Runaway may just be the game for you...
  15. Invert Mouse in Beyond Good & Evil? (PC)

    Tried the patch? It worked for this guy.