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  1. Sam and Max Download on Gamespot

    I tried, but only got 170-220 MB of the first until it stopped and acted like the download was complete, so I gave up. Also, I can't find it anywhere on GameSpot's main page or under the S&M2 section, only the direct link works.
  2. No, several stores had it, but they sold out fast. I ordered at a Danish online retailer who had the game for pre-order for like a month before the official date (November 26th). They had the CE too, but I kept thinking "I'll order it tomorrow", suddenly they were out of CEs I can only imagine it has been the same in other countries. I ordered right after because I feared they'd run out of beta keys too - which they did, but apperantly Blizzard will issue more of these. Why the CE is so limited is beyond me too. Here you can see a list of retailers having the pre-order deal in the partipating countries. Apperently it's something called CentroMAIL in Spain. Check them out, maybe they have some CEs left.
  3. Arrr! Pirates! be mighty addictive

    I agree. It takes forever to sail and the pirate you have to find are often far away and you move sooooooooooooooooooo slowly That's the only thing that annoys me about this game and keeps me from playing for more than an hour at a time. I've started to clean my desk and such while waiting for the ship to reach it's destination.
  4. A lot of people are getting them - those who pre-ordered fast enough.
  5. Those extra money is refunded once the game is released here in Europe, so you'll end up having got the Final Beta key and soundtrack cd for free. (That's how it works here in Denmark at least and I haven't heard of it being any different in other European countries.) Also, yes, you can pre-order the CE edition and get the beta key. However, it might be too late. The CE is gone everywhere in every country I know of, they've only made a limited number of these and they are sold out everywhere. I didn't pre-order early enough so there were none left and I had to "settle" for the normal edition. I can almost gurantee you there will be no CEs in stores once the game goes retail in January/February - unless Spanish retailers has some kind of exclusive deal with Blizzard to get a sh*tload of extra CEs.
  6. I hope you guys can help me. I'm trying to play the good old game Re-Volt with a friend over the net, but our firewalls block it. I don't know much about networks, but a friend told me to find out what port the game is using so that port can be opened on the router, or something. Anyway, anyone know how I can figure out what port it's using? It's not in the readme file and the officiel site and all fan sites seems to be long dead.
  7. DOOM III Demo Available Now!!!

    Already completed the full game. Waiting for someone to make a co-op mod.
  8. Locomotion demo out.

    I didn't say that you should build roads in the air just for the sake of having them. My point was that you have a lot more freedom when building bridges and tunnels.
  9. Locomotion demo out.

    I played the demo and although I didn't expect much I got hooked right away. Too bad the demo is so short. Bad demo! Anyway, the new way of building roads/tracks makes it possible to actually build up in the air or bewow the ground with turns and height differences underground, not just a tunnel from one side to the other. Same with bridges. No more head-scratching with figuring out how to squeeze an extra railroad between all the others. Now you can just go under or over I can understand some like drag-and-drop, but I can't see how that would work with roads going up in the air or underground. As I mentioned, the demo already got me hooked and brings back memories of playing TT, but aside from a slightly different interface I can't see any difference al all from the original TT. I think I'll save my money for RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 which looks like it'll be awesome.
  10. Why was it cancelled? I wish Westwood had never been bought by EA
  11. Settlers

    Maybe it was, I can't really remember Not as much as S3 though, I'm sure of it. 100% sure. Yes. 90% sure. What's with this scary smiley btw.? => :ratchet:
  12. Settlers

    I don't have much interest in the upcoming Settlers game. I loved Settlers 1 & II, but Settlers III didn't appeal to me for some reason. I was part of the beta testing team, but I failed to see any fun in the game. I didn't buy it when it was released, but I still couldn't understand my lack of interest since I loved the two previous games, so I bought the Gold Edition of S3 when it was released, hoping it would rekindle my love for the game. I've probably attempted to play it a few times, each time only lasting about 15 minutes. I haven't cared for Settlers IV at all and looking at screenshots it looks like S3 with new content. I don't think Settlers V look all that good, but I'm glad to see they've moved away from the cartoony graphics of S3 & S4. I'll probably try a demo, but I have no expectation to like it. Maybe I should play Settlers II again, haven't played it in years. It might be fun to try again.