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  1. This Transformers game

    Okay I wasn't really Optimus Prime for 13 years in a row. But I did have the Optimus Prime toy and it was really kick ass. I also had some of the original metal transformer jets, before they were all made into plastic. I forgot the game is based on this new Transformers...I've never seen it and would probably hate it. Maybe I'll rent the game first.
  2. Excellent. I am pleased. How many posts do I need to leave this "Junior Member" label in my painful past?
  3. This Transformers game

    I've been Optimus Prime for Halloween the past 13 years in a row. I was thinking I would enjoy this game. Has anyone played it or maybe even just seen someone else play it? I think idle thumbs should do a review on this game so I know whether to spend my allowance on it or not.
  4. When is it coming out? And will there be director's commentary because that's all I care about. thanks.