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  1. Blood Bowl

    So a few days ago the pre-order for the digital version became available and release is on the 26th. For people that aren't or haven't been Games Workshop fans, Blood Bowl is essentially American Football in a fantasy setting where it is played by teams of Orcs, Elves, Dwarfs, etc. It's rather more brutal than regular Football, as you might imagine. There's lots of injuries, sometimes deaths, some teams are better at running, passing, catching, and scoring (Wood Elves) whereas some teams are better at beating the crap out of the opposing team until there are none left and simply walking to the end zone for a touchdown (Chaos). Of course there are more balanced teams also (Humans). As you play more games your players can get skills or mutations to make them better, you can get replacements for your dead and injured, maybe get an Ogre or Minotaur to dish out some extra pain, or a Troll if you have a Goblin team, who can throw players down the pitch with the ball. Basically this board game was amazing fun and now it's available in shiny computer graphics version. The computer game release also features an extra mode which is real time rather than turn based (although tbh I'm not sure if I'll play that mode so much.) It's a bit pricey, but it's currently one of my must have games. Boxed version isn't out 'till September.
  2. Idle Thumbs Brighton meetup 2012!

    These are the best kind of people.
  3. Who you gonna call?

    Ghostbusters! The video game. This is out today right? Anyone grabbed it yet? Supposedly it's good, I think some coop may be needed to access full potential awesomeness. :slimer:
  4. Idle Thumbs is everywhere

    A classic goose's neck design.
  5. WTFFF!!!!

    lol, burn.
  6. The king is dead!

    Sonic 3 soundtrack was awesome.
  7. Favorite Kid's Book

    I can't remember the name of one that I loved when I was really young that involved some kind of blue fuzz ball with long legs that jumped on a mattress or some such.
  8. Milo

    Everyone that's played this has felt the need to reach down and catch the goggles? What a load of bollox.
  9. Blood Bowl

    You can pre-order the digital download already, the pre-download starts from today I think and then you can activate the game on the 26th Retail copies are available from the 26th in France and some EU countries September is retail release for UK, US and some other countries.
  10. Who you gonna call?

  11. Grand Thumb Fortress!

    You have the game but never played it!? You crazy fools! TF2 is one of the best FPS games there is. In fact it's one of the best games there is.
  12. (

    "Literally a game I've never played. 8.3/10" -
  13. Blood Bowl

    It is coming to XBox 360, I think maybe in September along with the boxed release as well as DS and PSP versions, which would be ace for commuting. That's not true at all. You're more likely to get a serious injury if you're playing as a low armour team like Skaven, but that can end in just missing the next game or a niggling injury - which is a pain, but not the end for the player. Those weaker teams often have cheaper players as well, so that you can replace the injured and with the LRB 5 ruleset you can use Journeymen to top up your team if you're low on players.
  14. Favorite Kid's Book

    Trouble for Trumpets had some really awesome and interesting drawings.
  15. Beatles: Rock Band

    Blue Meanie end boss.
  16. Order of best to worst is totally 1, 2, 3, 5, 4, 6
  17. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Awesome. I've got the original version of Ra on vinyl, that tune cracks me up.
  18. Star Wars The Old Republic

    Han class Saw that in the Combat Tactics section, hehe.
  19. I probably would have made lovesauce in my pants if there was a Dreamcast2. Who wouldn't want SEGA to start making hardware again like "Get out the way, my big fucking cock is here."
  20. For fans of typography/design/illustration

    Nice, thanks for the links zomboid
  21. Street Fighter IV

    I'm still playing, just not everyday anymore. I'm on PS3 though so I can't offer you some friendly games. Best thing I found for getting my skill level up at the start, was to watch videos of good players using the same character and read up on what are the best combos and tactics vs certain characters. I was visiting the Shoryuken forums religiously for a while, where I got most of the combos and videos. Then it's just a matter of practicing the combos so they become ingrained in muscle memory and can be used consistently during actual matches.
  22. The Last Guardian

    Bubbles of the Kraken - a game based entirely underwater, in which you ride a seahorse.
  23. Activision sues to stop release of Brutal Legend

    Activision isn't currently my favorite company, heh. What with also having previously dropped Ghostbusters and their 'not enough demand for a G1 Transformers game' nonsense. They seem to want the exact opposite of everything I do want.