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  1. Movie/TV recommendations

    I thought he was bloody hilarious in it, hammy as fuck, one dimensional but funny and I imagine that was what was asked of him, the multi-dimensional character of the basterds came from each one-dimensional member (like in classic WWII films).
  2. Life

    I don't think exercise is necessarily the only way to go, I hated running for a long time and found the gym to be snoozeville, any activity that you can enjoy is good, ideally with a (personal)balance between ones you can do alone and ones you can do with people, after a break up i got really into mountain boarding and powerkiting, dancing is always fun (classes or clubs) but anything should do, basically any distraction you find fun that gets demands a little more from the cardio system should work.
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    I thought it was absolutely hilarious, can't remember the last time I laughed so much in a cinema, I agree with the love/hate thing but I suspect most of the thumbs lot will love it.
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    Al Pacino is the worst offender of playing himself I can think of, but he at least he has charisma, unlike Bale.
  5. Movie/TV recommendations

    I really don't like him in either Batman, i find with him he tends to be in good films but he feels the same in everyone, I never really feel he brings much emotion (that's not really the word that I'm looking for but short of using moxie, which I usually use when I want to say something like je ne se quois. Actually no moxie will do) He never brings any moxie to his roles.
  6. Movie/TV recommendations

    Oh on my description of the end of Antichrist I forgot this key point
  7. Moon

    I found moon very pleasant with a good soundtrack, I didn't find it compelling and didn't get sense of the exploration of loneliness i was expecting (which is probably a good thing.) @brkl
  8. Movie/TV recommendations

    Saw Antichrist last night, enjoyed it overall, there were a few too many high-motion scenes of symbolism that felt like they were forced into the flow, claims of it being misogynistic seemed specious, however I'm not entirely sure what LArs was trying to say as the female lead shared a lot of characteristics with an ex so I took a highly subjective interpretation away with me.
  9. 1-in-4 men in South Africa are rapists...

    dude in case you are not joking, that's not cool you can't resort to violence because u disagree with someone, what she was saying is wrong, but hitting someone, especially a woman, because u disagree with them is also wrong.
  10. Life

    But what does it do to your long term political goal of drawing people away from the nazi party? You loose the moral high ground, let them feel like a victimised group probably unifying them more. The blockades showed that they were not welcome there, and using violence and intimidation to show people you disagree with their political views is not what it is to be liberal (which i assume you consider yourself). Find a way to draw people to your side rather than impeding their access to the other side, in the internet age political prohibition will never work .
  11. Life

    Of course but it is my understanding that in the last 10 years the support for the BNP has grown at a rate that far exceeds growth of poverty and degradation of the education system. (this is the feeling i get from following the new over the past few years, actual data my prove this to be incorrect.) So that is why I thought it important to understand why people are moving towards the extremes. I believe a sense of disengagement from the current center crowding political establishment is one key factor, this could be more easily dealt with than improving education and reducing poverty.
  12. Life

    Rather than scuffling with the extreme-right or thinking of ways to repel supporters from their ranks wouldn't we better served by trying to fix the moderate political terrain to re-attract the people who feel unrepresented, impotent and angry. Fighting and marginalising the groups will push people on the fringes further into it and likely swell their numbers. I liked the idea of the blockade as a peaceful protest but those oppose nazis with aggression have many of the same failings as those they fight (imo) but just march behind a different coloured flag. I'm fearful of the plan of ridiculing them, Hitler played on the fact that people in the ruling and intellectual elite didn't take him seriously to gain power. While we are busy looking down our noses at them and those who vote for them they are busy connecting with the people, if people from the political mainstream and our own "enlightened" social circles did more of that a few years ago they probably wouldn't have gained such support.
  13. Bailout Graphic

    Well it'd be the Keynesian approach of government inserting cash to kick-start an economy in risk of massive contraction. What alternative do you suggest? I agree that the details of the bailout weren't great but the general strategy seemed sound (hell Vince Cable advocated it), get out of the crisis then look at reform.
  14. Holy Shit! Awesome E3 News!!

    (I know I'm in the wrong place to do this and made a similar point a year ago, but I feel the new footage justifies it being made again) Why are u excited after seeing the Brutal Legend footage? Someone please explain to me what there is to be excited about this game. The gameplay looks tired and given his previous games I have no faith in his ability to make good gameplay (but I here u say it's all about the characters and humour) I think the character seem cliche (prob being too judgmental there) but my god everything I've seen of the humour so far seems embarrassingly unfunny, like it was penned by a twelve year old. I know a fair few Schafer fans in real life and they have reasonably developed senses of humour I don't get why they find this stuff funny, please someone explain.