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  1. Gitaroo Man devs working on DS game!

    it's really not THAT hard as some make it out to be. After you finish the regular story mode you unlock master mode, which is frigging riduclously over the top bitchin hard, but normal mode is cake for anyone that spends a week with it. and its NOT a parappa sequel Oh yeh, gitarooman also absolutely friggin ROCKS! now excuse me while i go off whisteling the legendary theme.
  2. Okami, another interesting looking game...

    It had better arrive in the west. Something looking that cool me wanna play. Be damned if i gotta get a japanese ps2 for 1 game
  3. Gamecube or Xbox

    I prefer future over grind Before last night i wouldve agreed on the halo dislike, but now i see the light. playing halo with 15 other drunks on an xbox lan was fun.
  4. Gamecube or Xbox

    xbox. 4 words : jet set future radio oh and live is superior to whatever the hell sony & nintendo have.
  5. Slim PS2... I'm tempted

    HEY! i like carving my name on the dusty tv screen. damn anti smokers. *edit* and youre a big meany ! so there!
  6. Slim PS2... I'm tempted

    The euro one is getting old. Main reason is that the new super thin ps2 thingy just looks sexay.
  7. Slim PS2... I'm tempted

    I'm getting one the second it's out. Hoping it will fit above my two "big" PS2's. and get a PS2, even if it's just for gitaroo man.
  8. Your best xbox game.

    JETSETRADIOFUTURE best game on xbox.
  9. This Transformers game

    Bought it a couple days ago, and so far i like it somewhat. The challenge factor is there & the game looks pretty good. I dont care much for all that minicon blah blah but you still get to kick megatron's ass. (albeit a really odd looking megatron) Level design ranges from okayish to..okayish. Boss battles are excecuted really nice with your autobot of choice & some evil decepticon smashing eachother to bits while racing/flying all over the level. I can imagine the game getting fairly repetitive after awhile though. thankfully there's a lot to unlock (Transformer comics, art, movies etc) and you collect tons of minicons that give your bot added firepower, arnor & abilities. I'm disappointed that you can only choose from 3 autobots & the voice of starscream absolutely sucks monkey balls. All in all it's a pretty solid transformer game and i'd get it just for the cool looking box it's sold in.