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  1. Google needds to step up their mac software production...
  2. Dear (most of) middle America....

    So, yeah… it’s probably time someone from the “middle states” responds to this post. I voted for Bush. Why? George W. Bush was, without a doubt, the best choice on the ballot. As most of you seem to agree, you either did or would vote for Kerry only because he isn’t Bush. Well, that’s your vote… so go ahead. Unfortunately, that isn’t reason enough for me to pick a candidate. I live in a country that has two major political parties. That’s it. It’s very, very rare to find someone holding political office outside of the big two. Republicans dominated this election. It’s not that republicans are so much better than democrats… it’s just the democrats are so disorganized at the moment that they rely on Hollywood for their political campaigns. It’s probably because they’re still in shock from the 2000 election, but they really haven’t had to do anything since Clinton. The democrats have fallen out of touch with most of America (as the election proved,) and now rely solely on their elitist / minority vote. For those who live in other countries… do you know how biased our media is? We have major news outlets creating fake documents to discredit Bush and others that will fake military achievements for Kerry even though over 250 people that served with him consider him a traitor. Days before the election, this liberal media was doing everything possible to see Kerry elected. It was great that they had to be the ones who called Ohio for Bush. Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, & Jon Stewart all looked sick. Bush is not this misguided, reckless cowboy like you’ve been told. Bush has made it overly clear that his intentions for invading Afghanistan and Iraq are to remove the dictators in power and rebuild the countries as democracies. That’s it… plain and simple. America isn’t there for money, oil, or to give our military something to do. Have you stopped to think about how history will view Bush 25 years from now if this proves successful? He will be celebrated as a leader who went out on a limb for what he believed and changed one of the most BACKWARD regions of the world. (Of course it could all blow up in his face and end the world… but do you honestly think that’s the intention of any president?) What about Kerry? Kerry is perceived as weak. He can’t make basic decisions and stand by them. Kerry never laid out a plan for some of the issues Americans care about most: the war, taxes, and health care. About the only issue that Kerry stood still on was Foreign Policy and his plan to mend relationships with France, Germany, and the UN. A vote for Kerry is a crapshoot: he could be better than Bush or he could be worse. How about his wife? Are all European women like that? She once eluded on live television that Americans have to get used to terrorism because people in Europe have been dealing with it for years. How about Edwards? Edwards made his fortune suing legitimate doctors out of their money via frivolous lawsuits, and is a one-term senator that had no chance of re-election in his home state. How do you get Bush out of office? Ahh… it should be SO simple. Bush can barely speak the English language, and he’s for the death penalty. If a legitimate candidate (1) related to people (2) stood for ideals that the country believed in and (3) acted sincere to the concerns of the citizens… a win would be guaranteed. Unfortunately, the 2004 election had no such candidate, so America had to choose between the better of the two on the ballot. Until they can begin to do the above, the dems are going to continue losing power. The democratic party has fallen off the face of the world as far as America is concerned. We don’t need MTV’s “Rock the Vote” or Diddy’s “Vote or Die” campaign (are you serious?), we don’t want Michael Moore’s propaganda, we don’t care what some absurdly rich actor or actress thinks, we don’t want foreigners living in the Whitehouse, we don’t need anymore stuck up Massachusetts ideology, we can see through the mainstream media’s lies, and while we like the free concerts… we don’t vote for someone because Green Day, Eminem, or Bruce told us to. Aside from Bush winning the popular count by millions of votes, American’s also chose the republican party to lead the House and Senate. The country has spoken on more than just Bush v Kerry, but all economic, social, domestic, and foreign issues. Feel free to flame all you want, but you asked what the “middle states” were thinking... just trying to help! Michael aka ZeroXcape P.S. - Some dude was creeping on a girl friend at the bars... - I beat his ass when he wouldn't leave her alone... - I had to type this with one hand since my right hand is broke...