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  1. Trine 2 Triiiiiiine 2! Just with that they've got the first 5 podcasts sorted.
  2. OK. Who wrote to UK:R about Marek?

    All Marek needs to do is make them release Space Channel 5 Parts 1 & 2 on XBLA and I'll buy him all the Chocolate Milk he could ever desire
  3. PAX East

    I'm hoping to go, I live in Montreal so I can take a bus down to Boston. It might clash with my trip to the UK in March though... hopefully I can do both
  4. Merry fucking Christmas

    oh man, epic appendix fail Hope the operation went well and that you recover quickly enough to have an awesome christmas, take care dude
  5. iPhone/iTouch gaming

    Make sure you also check out Aurora Feint. Sliding blocks puzzle combined with RPG elements in a similar vein to Puzzle Quest. It's the best free game on the app store.
  6. Rez HD

    Oh you don't have to get 100% shot down/items, yes there IS an acheivement for getting 100%, but you can also get it just by playing the game for 10 hours which is much easier! There's another acheivement where you just need to get over 95% on areas 1-5 which isn't too bad (took me quite a few attempts to get over 95% on area 5 though). Also it doesn't seem you need to worry about keeping the highest form in every level, there was one time I went in and did area five starting the level as the second upgraded form (i think), and I still managed to get butterfly ending. Once you've gotten the 95% in all areas acheivement I'd say go into score attack mode and aim for top 'local' score acheivement (over 150,000 in each area) which isn't hard to get either, took me 2 or 3 attempts on each area to beat the high scores and i'm crap at games so there you go Overall I'd say the acheivements for Rez HD are really well balanced, none of them are ridiculously difficult or require huge time investments, they're all attainable by most mere mortals within 20 or so total hours of gameplay which is perfect. And as I mentioned above, whilst you're gunning for the acheivements, you find yourself unlocking more and more things in beyond mode which is nice, the acheivements work as a nice incentive to try and improve your scores and master the game. BTW, Does anybody know which webepisode of videogaiden has the Rez review?
  7. Rez HD

    Ok I've been so addicted to Rez HD recently, to the extent where I've hardly touched Lost Odyssey (which is a game I'm really loving... but I just can't stop playing Rez!) I loved Rez loads on Dreamcast, but i never played beyond the normal mode. On 360, the 1080p beauty combined with the fact I now have a decent sound system elevates this game to an entirely new level of immersion for me. Also, the achievements have actually caused me to explore the game more fully than I did on Dreamcast. I've now enjoyed Lost Area, beating time attacks (with their different 'hardest' patterns so a whole new experience), playing Boss Rush etc. and realised a whole depth to the game that I wasn't even conscious of back on DC, all thanks to acheivements prompting me to try them out. And then you realise you can download the replays of everybody on the leaderboards! And then you find the graphical filters, and all the things you unlock in beyond mode, and the way the unlocking of each thing is so perfectly placed, it's brilliant. So far i've got 8 out of 12 acheivements and this is the first 360 game ever where I'm dead set on getting ALL of them. Finally, when i first completed it i got the normal 'but she's still trapped inside' ending. After some more runs through.. when i got the butterfly proper ending, I almost cried I was so happy. One of the best fucking games ever. Period. It's a masterpiece. I AM
  8. Wii not taking games Seriously

    Have you played Excite Truck yet? Everyone i've shown it to has been surprised at how nice it looks (and it plays great too )
  9. Final Fantasy 12

    not as phallic as the big penis things that spurt burning crusade flame stuff in the Outlands in wow, one of the early quests you have to plant bombs in some portal type thingies that spawn feldudes and theres just these giant rock penises everywhere, so wrong but yeah FFXII is awesome, definitely best FF ever for me, i haven't finished it unfortunately haven't been able to play it for several months since i lent out my PS2 need to get that back
  10. on the UK high street (GAME etc) there's no way the 3 or 4 launch titles that people will actually buy (motorstorm etc) will be priced at anything less than £44.99. Perhaps online prices will be a bit more sensible
  11. "SONY PS3 TO SHIP WITH AIDS IN EUROPE Sony announced today that all European PS3 units will ship with AIDS, in what is seen as a bold move by the Japanese gaming giant by industry circles. Phil Harrison, head of development at Sony Europe commented, "By shipping AIDS with our console, we expect to provide a massive boost to the anti-viral pharmaceutical industry as well as becoming the leading cause of Kaposi's sarcoma worldwide". Major gaming networks backed up the audacious move by Sony, "It's win-win for the consumer", exclaimed a breathless Margaret Robertson, "not only do European gamers get the opportunity to sample the latest HIV medications the pharmaceutical industry has to offer, they get to do so on an ongoing basis!". It remains to be seen if Sony plan to supply their latest HIV-infected consoles to the USA and Japan, in an effort to boost their "third place" sales."
  12. How do you rez characters in FFIII?

    You have to go to a rezzing pool, most towns have one in a random building that isn't the inn.
  13. Sixaxis controller wins emmy... what?

    hmm apparently it was more sony LIES: Or if not sony, then a lie of somebody. so apparently the emmy was actually for the 'DualShock®', and ninty also got one for inventing the control pad!! apparently!! but it does seem that sony getting an emmy for sexarses = big massive shifty ¬¬ and probably not true ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ Anyway.. i actually bought the DualShock® as soon as it came out in 99 i think... just to play gran turismo! so... apparently it's now awesome! ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ EDIT: and the sexarses is less awesome than it EDIT 2: okay sorry lopcagney already clarified all this.. but we should still LOL anyway
  14. Wii titles?
  15. Children of mana is shit

    oh noes I knew it was just the dungeons without the 'world exploration' and stuff but was assuming it would still be proper co-op with a dungeon trawling emphasis a la Zelda Four Swords, what a letdown and clearly tragic wasted opportunity lets hope Crystal Chronicles DS doesn't suck too