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  1. Plug your shit

    The simplest way to go about it would be to just bake some PayPal buttons—wanting to support the relatively obscure iDeal dealio makes it more complicated. I would suggest looking into any WordPress store plugins. Most of those are not free, though some decent ones come in pretty cheap, and it is relatively trivial to set up a WP site.
  2. Lego is Still Cool

    Oh man these are sooooo coooooooooool!! The other day I dug out my childhood LEGO and built this weird little weird little wobbly Boschian automata which I will probably expand and make properly cool as soon as I find time and inclination to do so. My LEGO is very much 80s and early 90s and I have little inclination to buy new sets, but who knows. The grand centerpiece of my collection—what'll allow me to make some really dope automata—is the fabled Technic plotter, set 8094, and its motherlode of gears. Last time I looked at new Technic sets a few years back, very few of them seemed to be mechanically oriented which was a huge bummer.
  3. Hello. This thread is now the relevant minecraft server info thread. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Server address: Much info about the server can be found at (Currently out of date, will be updated now that the server is back) If you log in and your name is grayed out, that means you do not yet have the building credentials. If you wish to build in the server, please send tabacco a PM on the forums and ask. Don't be a dick. Map of the server will live here. We're currently in the SEVENTH EPOCH of the Thumb. The frontier is a dangerous place, but we will persevere. Past epochs can be downloaded from
  4. Half-Life 3

    Way to get our hopes up, jerk.
  5. Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight 2014

    Also people were excited to be supporting Double Fine directly, and the self-funding landscape is drastically different these days.
  6. Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight 2014

    Man, so glad this thread exists. I tried and failed to find these summaries on several official online places I looked. I probably didn't try hard enough or something?
  7. Film editing software suggestions

    I've been meaning to get back into toying with video again, but I don't have a fancy mac at home. All I have is this PC that is now pushing five or six years old, but it still has a Pentium 4, 3GHz, 2.5GB of RAM, which is not something I feel inclined to scoff at. I've only ever worked with Final Cut and some iMovie. I prefer the former, the latter's gimpy toolset I find quite infuriating. Though I don't really see myself needing much fanciness right out of the gate, I like knowing that I could, if I needed to, do more complex things. What software would you suggest I try out?
  8. Sam Harris: Science can answer moral questions Hj9oB4zpHww
  9. Broken Age - Double Fine Adventure!

    He's dead.
  10. Gone Home from The Fullbright Company

    Yeah, just double down on the thumb nepotism. I would vote for more discussion of TellTale games as well. Double Fine shows plenty of sausage- making so their process wouldn't necessarily be as interesting to thumb... It is funny how many wrong reviews tend toward WHY DON'T YOU JUST MAKE A MOVIE IF YOU'RE SUCH A STUPID STORY QUEERDO?! It is a testament to the effectiveness of the format that for all these people exploring by-products of life in a completely empty house equates with a cinematic experience—and yet they hated it because the story is allegedly simplistic (no one got to save the world) or there is no game (but memmorpergers and jearpergers with their tissue-thin excuses for mechanics get a pass). WHERE'S MY PAINT-BY-NUMBERS MONOMYTH?! I THOUGHT I WAS PLAYING A GAME!? Whose fault is it that these obnoxious children and manchildren organize so vocally over such stupid objections? How do we nerf this culture that screams PRETENTIOUS at everything that is not the same shit they've been eating for a decade and a half?
  11. Gone Home from The Fullbright Company

    Citizen My So-Called Life of video games. An important game, goddamn. I really enjoyed the tension between the game tropes that made it in (filler books on shelves, reused furniture, more or less linear path through the bafflingly laid-out house, ghosts, etc.) and stuff that was removed. It is quite a daring salvo in the destruction of video games, that all this stuff we call a game turns out to be so much baggage. I'm looking forward to whatever Fullbright does next. Hopefully it will continue the precedent of removing game from games, only with more money shoveled into what remains. The only con line item in my review is that I wish the typography was better, which, you know, prt ¬¬ Overall, reminds me of But I'm A Cheerleader, a really sweet movie that—looking at the Rottentomatometer just now—was rather violently reviewed for some reason...
  12. Gone Home from The Fullbright Company

    I hope Steve will give himself a bonus if he gets a high enough metacritic score.
  13. Let's Draw Video Games

    Daaaaaang, this is some baller stuff! I made this relatively recently and plooped it all over the place—aaaand here it is again! Cause it is topical: Raz as a Polecat
  14. Scanning line art

    Have you tried blurring everything just a shade, then using the levels to pen in the grays on either extreme?
  15. Idle Monaco: Breckon and Enterin'

    me me me me me at some point in the future, still haven't had the chance to play it, steam me up yo: mysteriousHoatzin
  16. Plug your shit

    Ping the thread when the mac version drops, k thx!
  17. Broken Age - Double Fine Adventure!

    I would imagine they plan to throw a lot more people into the late production in January and roll through the rest of the production in a couple of months finishing the remaining 75% of the game thusly. Whatever gets released early I hope will be a vertical slice down the first acts of both the kids (in some kind of 1/2 of Something Great Pseudo Alpha Build), rather than full act of either one of them (as Part 1). I also hope that the 2PP peeps have some kind of flexible scope creep contract that allows them to be paid for the extra filming protracted production incurs. The behind-the-scenes soap opera has been a super important winning-the-hearts-and-minds PR without which this constant reaching for fans' pockets wouldn't work as effectively. I hope this DF/2PP symbiosis is something that continues for other projects past Massive Chalice and Broken Age. Personally, I wish there was a way to buy more backer t-shirts. I was poor when the Kickstarter kicked off and have wished I had a way to re-extend my support here in the later days but with some kind of trophy in return (that is not a poster).
  18. Deleting or deactivating your account?

    I know it's possible because Sal Limones did it at some point and her posts stayed. Don't go. What did we do?
  19. Plug your shit

    I like how aggressively, confidently bad these are. I mean that as an unequivocal compliment too! Also OSSK, your plug didn't fail! I have RSS'd them yer games and am looking forward to more blogging and the actual game.
  20. Plug your shit

    A page from Old Echoes, Lety's and my story from The Sleep of Reason. I did the backgrounds and she drew the kids. I said a little bit more about the whole collection in the comics thread. I'm pretty stoked about the whole thing.
  21. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    HEY FOLKS! The Sleep of Reason Kickstarter is a thing, finally! Spike Trotman of Templar Arizona fame is putting it all together: Some awesome people are in it, check out that list (Lety and myself as well, in our first ever collaboration)! I took a peek at some of the stories that are gonna be in it (and, well, we made a really awesome one to add to the pile) and I can assure you this will be a thoroughly badass collection, not to be missed if you're even remotely interested in this kind of stuff.
  22. Idle Thumbs Shirts

    We should design some shirts you guys. I have free time in my future. The time might be ripe's what I'm saying.
  23. Life

    This wouldn't be an ungood option, actually. I do know that they're trying to replace me already, but I seriously doubt they would be able to get someone with my cross-section of abilities for the money they want to pay in San Antonio. Still, they probably don't need me as much as I think they do. Just as far as to wrap up a couple of outstanding projects that I am most familiar with, and then they can finish turning the design shop for fine artisanal websites into a mill for humorless institutional Drupal clunkiness. I do think that the artistry I bring to the table is something they've been taking for granted. And I would like to try to sell that for a change. Surely there is a market for that.