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  1. I'm interested to know if you exclusively read them instead of listening to them?
  2. Something True 5: Entourage

    Yes, I can understand that. This story was one of my favourites from all of Duncan's writing, and is the sole reason why this podcast even exists now! I had learned so much about how to record better, integrate the music well, and generally give a better all round performance that I felt kind of bad that this one wasn't going to get any of that good good treatment. I don't think I could really bare to listen to the original version any more, purely from a technical standpoint.
  3. Chris. It was Ian Livingstone and his Deathtrap Dungeon. Good grief.
  4. Review: My Good Fortune

    My Good Fortune Alex has his heart raided by Drake's Fortune, now with added Shia LaBeouf - Nonononononononononononononono! Yes.
  5. Editorial: No Promises

    No Promises Duncan loves GDC. More than his home country of Foreignland. He doesn't love you though, because you're lazy. Stop it.
  6. Editorial: No Promises

    Banned for going off topic within minutes.
  7. Shhh: Sounds of Silence Shut up! But please don't. Talk to us, we miss you.
  8. Feature: Shhh: Sounds of Silence

    I thought there was constant music in Portal, or near constant anyway. It's a mostly atmospheric series of low bass thrumbs, like a more subtle Bladerunner. If you download the OST there are a whole bunch of tracks there.
  9. GDC '08: Indie, I Love You After suffering what has come to be known as "Moledina's Curse", Alex returns from the fray to bring you the scoop on joy. And natural history.
  10. BioShock: The Game that Wasn't. Duncan hates Bioshock. He hates it so much that it's the best game ever. have I ever lied to you? Read it. Come back. Speak.
  11. Getting The Short End Your eyes do not deceive you. Idle Thumbs has a content. Read all about it here: Wuxtry.
  12. She Blinded Me with Aperture Science. Further speech and love for Portal. If you love it too, you can say so on this thread. If you love this article, you can say so on this thread.
  13. Rant: Getting The Short End

    Did either of you actually read the article?
  14. Rant: Getting The Short End

    I don't know what you mean ¬ ¬
  15. Rant: Getting The Short End

    You're right, length (in terms of proper pacing) can have an affect on how well a game plays, and perhaps I should have made that clearer. For instance, if Half-Life 1 ended a third of the way though, as you were running along a corridor, or met that big snake-like green beast thing, it would be so jarring and out of place with the rest of the game that it would have a negative impact. The point I was making, though, was that reviewers do not seem to be concerned even with this detail. They take length as an absolute, regardless of pacing and regardless of the proper time to stop, and use that number to judge the game. And that, I think, is wrong.
  16. Some random guy just added me to his MSN list, and for a few short minutes we had one of the most bizarre conversations i have had for a long time. --- [22:41] Marco - wo ist die Frau, die sich in mich verliebt?: hi alex [22:43] Alex: hello mystery person who knows my name! [22:45] Marco - wo ist die Frau, die sich in mich verliebt?: yes i found your name in a group. is that right, that you have some vids of lolitas or mylola? [22:45] Alex: er... [22:46] Alex: i think it is possible that you have confused me with someone else [22:46] Marco: ok, who knows [22:46] Alex: where was this? [22:46] Marco: i wish you a good night, and bye [22:46] Marco: i dont know anymore [22:46] Alex: weird [22:47] Alex: ok well i hope you find some... er lolitas... somewhere else [22:47] Marco: ok do you have vids of young girls [22:47] Alex: sorry, no [22:48] Alex: well, i suppose technically "yes" [22:48] Alex: but they wouldn't interest you [22:49] Marco: why? [22:49] Marco: you dont know my taste [22:50] Alex: er... because they're of a friend of mine messing around with the dog and things like that [22:50] Marco: nothing sexua? [22:50] Alex: no [22:50] Marco: or naked or so [22:50] Marco: gym or weightlifting or anything like that [22:51] Alex: what the fuck? you want videos of underage girls weightlifting? [22:51] Alex: that is fucked up [22:52] Alex: underage girls don't even do that! [22:52] Marco: not underage some young girls and women [22:52] Marco: you know varya akulova [22:52] Alex: no! [22:53] Marco: thats a young russian girl who is also known as the strongest girls of the world [22:53] Marco: see [22:54] Marco: theres a 160mb file, but you have to donate. unfortunatly [22:54] Alex: and you like this sort of thing? [22:58] Marco: yeah [22:58] Marco: what do you like [22:58] Alex: having sex with real women [22:59] Alex: who are my age [23:01] Marco: ok then bye --- So yeah... my twenty minutes with a raving paedo-barn. Still, what can you expect from a guy who looks like this? Marital status: Single and Looking ¬ ¬
  17. update: He is clearly a Tintin racial stereotype, to boot:
  18. Moving house + spare monitor + boredom = shameful geekdom but secret joy!
  19. Vote for me!

    Some of you know and some of you don't but now you have your chance to show your support for the Ashby by voting here! I will be love you all many often in return...
  20. Vote for me!

    errr... *effort*... it is now!!
  21. I was google searching for images of corporate-suited men (for reasons which we need not go into at the moment) and came across this rather bizarre addition. Is it just me, or does this bear a startling resemblance to a katamari? Either that or a gymnast is being savaged by a herd of giant killer bees
  22. for all your katamari needs!The best bit is the make-your-own-cat-model down at the bottom. rox0r! Ha!
  23. pfffft. i could use THIS if i wanted, which I think leaves you fairly pwned, Roddy.
  24. i thought the "spare monitor" line would give it away ¬ ¬
  25. My favorite game of all time...

    i've got incredible machine 1, 2 and 3 zipped on my computer. So if any of you want a copy, send me a PM or something. It's abandonware anyway as far as I'm concerned though, so this post gets... hmmm 1 and a half shifty eyes: ¬ -