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  1. Dreamfall blows

    So... your argument is that because you hated Syberia, dreamfall is no good? You do realize that Dreamfall is by an ENTIRELY different company, right? and that not a single person from Syberia is a part of Dreamfall? That Dreamfall is realtime 3d instead of using prerendered backgrounds? In short, do you actually know anything at all?
  2. Chris gets pampered, maimed

    This was too awesome to not copy to the AG forums Kingz, can this be Chris' picture?
  3. New Half-Life 2 screenshots

    Yeah, the textures and everything seem kinda boring and plain. Especially after seeing the Crytek engine in action again the other day
  4. The Excellent Game Psychonauts

    No weekends. I asked
  5. The Excellent Game Psychonauts

    I'm going in on 5/7