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  1. Hey all! Just a note here that Cantata is released on Steam! Lots of people found the game through the podcast, so really appreciate getting to sit down with Jon and talk about the game! Sitting at an overall Positive review score as well! We've also got a launch discount of 20% till tomorrow, so it's not the worst time to pick it up if you're interested!
  2. Hey everyone! Kyle from the podcast here. I'll be lurking this thread in case anyone has questions about Cantata or anything brought up during the show! Here's a link to our Steam page. Also just for good measure here's some trailers of the game to give you a sense of the art/style/gameplay/etc. And to Jon and everyone else on 3MA, thanks so much for having me on! And funny that the other top post in the forums right now is the pod that inspired Cantata.