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  1. Three Moves Ahead 512: Per Aspera

    I ended up listening to the podcast while doing the Carmine run in the game I was at first horrified when blowing up my own colonies and it felt weird that the game didn't really acknowledge it. In the dialog afterwards it was implied I was shipping the colonists to Earth, but I had also destroyed the spaceports, so... I don't know, maybe they took off as soon as I turned on them? It seems all endings are rather simple. The beginning was strong, I loved when I got the first corrupted message. Shame they didn't have the budget to flesh things out more. I hope there'll be a sequel. Also, worth mentioning, they didn't have a dedicated UX designer, and it shows. I also often asked myself, where do I have 500 steel that nobody can deliever? And I only realized that workers break down on their own after you explained it. I wondered how I lost half of them. I kept comparing it with Frostpunk, another city-builder with a story. Pacing and polish are much better over there, but of course it's much smaller scale. Watching the planet slowly change was very fun. This game's a gem, although a rough one.