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  1. Made this account just now to post the following after I saw the above posted to Twitter: Many moons ago (Feb 2013) a few weeks after the Wax House episode I decided to look up CineAction as I live in the Toronto and thought I could get my hands on a copy of the issue in question. Needless to say it wasn’t easy so I opted to order the back issue seeing as it was only $7. But in reality I didn’t want to get the magazine, I wanted Important If True to have it so I shipped it directly there. I should of sent an email saying something was coming but I also wanted it to be a surprise and then the show soon went on definite hiatus and I just forgot about it until now. I feel like with their move from San Francisco that it may of got lost in the shuffle but maybe, just maybe, there’s still a chance an elusive copy of CineAction 68 waits patiently in their P.O. Box. Anyway attached is the email confirmation as proof.