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  1. I am a big fan of Age of Wonders franchise but not so much of AOW3 which has great graphics and contemporary conveniences compared to older games, but is significantly dumbed down in my opinion. However your review of Planetfall makes me want to buy it and try it. A game similar to Planetfall or other TBS games you review is Eador Imperium. I played the earlier Eador -Master of the Broken World along time ago, but did not finish it and never quite got it. Eador Imperium makes some improvements, but mainly I just understand the economy and game systems better and I am enjoying the heck of it. Eador strips down the TBS formula of HMM or CIV to its essential elements, but within its more narrow focus there is a TON of content! The game is very hard at any difficulty so you must learn new tactics and strategies for each map and hero.