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  1. [Dev log] Curling

    I'll be making a curling game. I've only played curling twice in my life, but it was pretty fun. This is my first game jam. I heard about Wizard Jam from @nkornek I'm not sure yet if it'll be a standard curling game or maybe with some twists. I've been wanting to participate in a game jam for a while but I kept putting it off. I'm aiming to keep the scope small and get something made!
  2. [Dev log] Curling

    I just submitted my project: It looks like this: Before I started I didn't realize the "curl" of the rock in curling is a bit mysterious: I also randomly found this amazing curling shot gif: Anyway, I'm glad to have submitted something. I didn't find as much time & energy as I would have liked over the past two weeks. And a lot of details took longer than I thought. (I was playing a lot with the physics until I just resorted to some hacks.) But I think it was a good experience for me in terms of how I should pace myself for game jams, and what kind of projects I want to work on for any future game jams. Also, I haven't had time to fully look at all the other dev logs here, but from what I've seen so far, your projects look awesome! I'm looking forward to the showcase. Thanks, everyone