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  1. Otto Needs Your Help! Download the game for PC/Mac at: https://ottojokes.itch.io/monochromerpg-demo Otto’s beloved city of Vaudeville, has been beset by a force bent on eliminating any form of amusement! The Bleak Barons, and their sourfaced leader, Chairman Fountainhead, are converting innocent creatures into killjoys! The Barons are sending them into Vaudeville to harass the playful and kindhearted citizens! Fortunately for the characters of Vaudeville, Otto is a quick-witted, highly talented aspiring hero, with dexterity and comedic instinct. All Otto needs to do is get out of his house and into Vaudeville so he can help his friends and save the day! Hi! Thanks for taking the time to check out this post and the game. The Monochrome RPG (working title) has been in a "soft" development state for the last 3-4 months. Now with the prototype demo ready, the team plans to go innnn!!!! We'd love to get any and all feedback on the game. Our focus right now is to see how people respond to the characters and the world. From there we plan to add a lot more content and game mechanics. The final game will be largely narrative and comedy focused. We'd really appreciate suggestion on how we could make the entertainment or combat better/more interactive. If you're interested in helping out with the project (art, music, etc) you can email: workshop@monochromerpg.com