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  1. Works like a dream. Thank you for fixing.
  2. I was wondering if I'm going def, or if my sound driver had gone missing. Thanks, at least I know I'm not imagining things.
  3. Three Moves Ahead Episode 480: 1999

    I feel like when you start talking Alpha Centauri and wargames, someone got cut off. You got long pauses and people grunting and answering to the air. It's in 1h30/1h40 something like that.
  4. Designer Notes 45: Rami Ismail

    I heard some humming at the end of the podcast. Either someone had vibrating phone near the microphone, or there is some Morse Code information that was secretly transmitted to us . I'm really interested how the time spend on prototype can be translated to the time spend on final product. That can be very helpful when planing a production.