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  1. I have played games on consoles for many years now and I want to start playing on a pc. I've never used any kind of computer software other than laptops so if anyone could tell me what I'd need for a gaming setup and maybe recommend a certain brand or type, that'd be very helpful. I'm hoping to play Modded Minecraft for the first time, Skyrim Remastered on Pc, and a bunch of other games i've been waiting a long time to play. I've been unable to work because of my age but now that I'm applying for part-time jobs, I hope to save up for it.
  2. I have noticed that HPWU features an inn in a certain spot but that spot is not reflected in Pokemon Go. I am wondering if new locations have been created for HPWU or if some locations were in Ingress already and not in PoGo? Do we think that locations in all three games might be synced to appear in all games in future?