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  1. Hello, everyone. My friends also released a new project and asked me to publish it to hear suggestions and criticism:) Ashes of the Night takes you on a fantasy adventure- filled with monsters, mayhem, and snarky banter. Players will enjoy a wide variety of classes that allow them to maximize their gaming experience, along with a large list of gear for those who love tweaking and tinkering their characters to a specific design. Much work has been done to bring forth the things we enjoy and avoid the things that we all hate about RPG's. Minimal farming is required. This is a story game, which does not concentrate heavily on grinding out mobs, but instead on character development and helping you get attached to your favorite characters. Heroes move through a tortured world encountering unique people with their own problems &hardships- a disaster caused by an ego maniac that calls himself "The Master". The adventure takes place with the goal to put this narcissist to rest. Short description: -Long storyline -A large number of different items of equipment -The absence of a repetitive gameplay -Balance of character classes Steam Page
  2. [Early Access] Eggoria

    Hello, everyone. Our new game has been released and we need a little feedback:) Eggoria - A new game from Digdog Studio, after two years since "Weapon Shop Fantasy", we bring you Eggoria, as the studio's name suggests, we keep digging for new gameplay and experience. its not only the first 3D game we made, it also contains a lot new game play mechanics. Hope you enjoy it. Shortlist of gameplay elements: *Unlimited worlds with no borders. *You have to build a safe place. *There is research, you collect materials, and a lot more! *Procedural generated Maps with unlimited size! *Hundreds of different research! *50+ buildings, including a tent and caravan! *20+ animals and enemies, some you can pet, some can help you. *Hundreds of items, 50+ gear items and tools! *Detailed food, work and storage management system! *Many gods! *Many endings! Steam Page
  3. [Steam Released] Wared

    Hello, everyone. Our new game has been released and we need a little feedback:) WARED - a unique strategy game with interesting story and missions What can be easier than claiming victory via strategic thought and planning? With enough army, victory is assured. But your country's military might is low and without the right strategy and careful planning impossible. Army upkeep is high, and in a stroke of luck, a mysterious person has offered to pay the price in exchange for a small favor. You assume the role of a general of a small country. As the general, you will have to make hard decisions to claim your victory over the enemy and fulfill your mysterious patron's favor. In the game you will find: - A unique approach to strategic thinking - Campaign with cutscenes - Unique missions that require preliminary thinking - Tower Defense style mini-game - Hotseat PVP supporting 2 players on a chessboard-style battlefield Planned content: - 20 unique buildings and units - open in process of passing company - Multiplayer over internet/steam - More campaign missions - Territory conquest and clan wars Steam Page
  4. Hello, everyone. Our new game has been released and we need some criticism. Early Access Steam Rise of Legions is a free-to-play castle siege RTS set in a rich fantasy world. Collect dozens of powerful units and devastating spells to build your deck. Play competitive matches and take on fierce bosses in PvE challenges. Ascend to the next Tier, plan your strategy, craft your Deck and crush your enemies! Key Features: Completely free-to-play Short, intense 1v1 matches (2v2 and ranked coming soon!) Deck-building PvE-challenges Three playable Legions (more coming soon!) Dual-color decks