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  1. Vorn's Adventure

    Hey, I wanted to show you a cool feature that I added in the newest patch - dynamic resolution. The effect is great, it allows to balance the resolution against the GPU performance. Of course, it won't fix CPU related issues, but this works perfect for all GPU related slowdowns.
  2. Vorn's Adventure

    Hey, I just wanted to drop a message that the game is finally patched and works far better than before. I improved textures, performance and fixed some bugs. No additional patches in plan, so the project can be considered "finished" now
  3. Vorn's Adventure

    Hello, I just wanted to drop a message that I released my first game on Android! It's called Vorn's Adventure, it's a 3D platform game in style of classics such as Crash Bandicoot, Spyro or Ratchet. You can find it here: Google PlayFeatures: 7 levels (+1 hidden!), old school boss fight at the end and some cutscenes 5 different quality levels to support a variety of devices no ads or anything: it's free! achievements Some screens: