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  1. 1.10.19 Long time follower of the Idle Thumbs and Wizard Jam, first time game maker! Started a day or so ago researching what software I’ll build the game in and brainstorming ideas of what will be interesting and the ‘easiest’ for me to do. I’m interested in story and character, so it made sense to begin with something simple using dialogue choices and information. Looked through some titles and found some very evocative ones for Terminal 7. ‘Eventually Your Breathing Will Stop’ has the biggest emotional impact on me so I went for that.. I wanted to tell an engaging story so a Myst-like, point and click game will be easiest for me. I wanted to utilise any vaguely relevant skills I already have, rather than trying to learn too much, so I decided to use pre-rendered 3D backgrounds from a previz app I use called FrameForge. I can very quickly create sets/rooms/backgrounds, then filter them in Photoshop to create a ‘look’. I’ve been researching different options for the engine. Stuff like Twine, GameMaker popped up. The one I’ve settled on, for now, is Unity + Fungus. The challenge will be setting a tone for the game, and keeping things realistic, without feeling too much like an RPG. I’ll be stripping back as much of the Fungus UI as possible. Plot outline: Eventually Your Breathing Will Stop In 1920’s Birmingham, a police inspector is brought in to talk to residents on the street he grew up in, to determine the perpetrator of a recent murderer. There are three suspects - some more likely to be the murderer than others and one very unlikely; an ‘easy’ conviction. It’s your job to find the truth. Feel and Tone Realistic. Nothing surreal, or magical. Simple, engaging story. About people and truth. The player has to deduce based on what they learn. There’ll be no inventory or notebook in game, so they’ll have to take notes as they go. Inspired by games like Sentient, LA Noire, Deus Ex, Thief, Baldurs Gate.
  2. Teljoor, thanks so much for the feedback. When I did the keyword system I stupidly didn't even consider that people would then use those words to question other people. In hindsight that makes much more sense. I've at least fixed it so asking someone else doesn't bring up a different conversation. And I'm going to go back in and add more relevant responses for each person so you get an answer from the person you're currently interviewing. That will open up so many more interesting avenues of conversation. The end scene bug has (hopefully) finally been fixed! Seems like those characters are from a certain type of line break in some of my I should be able to find and replace those in my original dialogue document and replace them fairly quickly. The suggestions of player feedback is super helpful too. I'd kind of envisaged it as an interactive story, but without any feedback, it's missing some enjoyment I think. So I'll be looking at that next pass. I love your idea of some kind of alert or message to tell you when you've got all the information from one particular person. I'll definitely aadd that into the next version. Thanks again, really really appreciate you taking the time to play and give the feedback.
  3. [Dev Log] Unmasking the Brain Burglar

    I enjoyed this a heck of a lot. I remember playing one of your previous games and enjoying that too, so it was nice to vaguely remember the characters. Very funny, congrats :-)
  4. 2.1.19, 1st February 2019 I've just uploaded a version with everything hopefully working (everything definitely won't be working)! If you were holding off playing because it was only Mac, I've also done Windows and Linux builds Now I can get on with playing all the other games. So many I've been desperate to play, but wouldn't let myself until I got to this point.
  5. My original sketch of the murder scene for maximum embarrassment, and the frame export from Frameforge, before adding the filter in Photoshop
  6. Following up with pictures of how the game turned out based on my original sketches. This week I've been making minor tweaks, and adding in a few of the witnesses that weren't in the first build, and I've got the murder scene working with rollovers for details.
  7. Yes! Thanks for your interest :-) I only noticed that after I uploaded, I guess I didn't check those options when I installed Unity. A new build with Windows and Linux versions will be going up later today or tomorrow, in time for the showcase.
  8. Just throwing these up here too - sketches of different screen layouts I did last week then recreated in-game Actual in game screenshots to follow! Spending today filling in all the 140 questions and answers I’ve written, and dealing with the inevitable bugs. Aiming to upload around 9pm PST TONIGHT!
  9. 1.20.19 today was a bit of a backwards step with the UI , I spent way too long trying to simplify my control buttons to the point where I thing I’m going to have to rethink how you navigate around the whole game. Things have got too complicated as they are and I’m spending way too long creating solutions for things using the very basic skill set that I have rather than doing things in an efficient way. I’m also probably going to create my own button and UI textures, I think that’ll now be quicker than hacking a downloaded set of assets together. Man, UI is tough! Tomorrow I’m going back to my story and characters to flesh out details and begin writing dialogue.
  10. 1.19.19 The last few days I’ve been building the main mechanics and spending way too long learning very simple things in unity, but it’s been pretty satisfying. I’m still using placeholder artwork for most things so no useful screen grabs yet. I have a central hub menu, and a UI over the top counting down your time available to complete your investigation. Working out very basic game concepts like hiding and showing buttons has been time consuming. But I’m learning a lot. I wanted the UI style to fit with the look of the game but I’ve realised that a bit harder to do. The question is does the UI detract from the overall game feel if it’s a bad implementation of the game visuals style. Will it just look way nicer using a clean, simple UI that functions and doesn’t intersect with the game visuals. So I think clean and simple is the way I’ll be going. I’d rather spend time making the game fun than creating buttons etc that fit the look of the game. Next steps are tidying up the layout and UI and learning about variables and text input to add the ability to type a question keyword to get specific answers.
  11. [Released] They Came Through the Floor

    Seconded! I’ve always been a GoBots man. This looks great
  12. This is certainly by necessity rather than design!
  13. 1.13.19 Today I’ll be researching branching dialogue choices. The aim of this jam is for me to learn more complex game design mechanics. So deciding on a branching dialogue style is key. I want to avoid creating too many variables and needing to create systems of information being stored, so I think using a ‘hub and spoke’ system, whereby the player constructs questions and hopes for a useful answer rather than choosing from predefined questions, is most interesting to me. I need to work out how to add additional words and options for them as they discover more clues. As far as I remember, this was sort of how conversations worked in Sentient, one of my influences on this game. An option is to allow the player to input with a keyboard and additional information they discover - I like this idea because it forces the player to keep track of new information rather than have the game do it for them. But this may be beyond my non-existent game design skills. Update: I’ve been experimenting with an art style for my backgrounds in photoshop - taking a rendered frame in Frameforge and fucking with it. I’ve created a set of layers that I can drop any rendered frame in and instantly see how it looks with my art style. I’m essentially trying to hide the low-res nature of my 3D renders and the old photo effect works pretty well. The look and feel of the game is important to me to set the tone, and make the player feel like they’re in an actual world so I wanted to get something visual pinned down early on, then spend the next few days experimenting with systems in Fungus. Attached: current visual style for my backgrounds, and NPC portrait. And the very basic 3D street I'm using the make the background plates..
  14. 1.12.19 Went through the main Fungus Udemy course today to learn the absolute basics and began building 3D environment in FrameForge. I like the simplicity of Fungus, and it reminds me of a few other interactive building apps I’ve used, but I worry that it may not have the complexity to create the investigative dialogue system I’d like to use.
  15. 1.11.19 Spent today at the USCIS office with my wife waiting to be interviewed for my green card. Fortunately that was successful. I spent the small amount of the free time I had researching deaths by strangulation in Birmingham, UK between 1911-1920. Surprisingly interesting and varied. I wanted to find an actual murder from that period to use as the basis for the murder you have to solve. Tomorrow begins the actual game engine testing in Unity with Fungus!