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  1. Episode 465: Mark Herman's Empire of the Sun

    This was a great episode, and was one of the things that sent me down the rabbit hole to learn Empire of the Sun (along with Bruce's review which is one of the best game reviews I've read). The older episodes with Mark Herman were excellent also, and it was fun to delve into the archives to hear him talk about Pacific War as well. @Sovyetsky here's a link to the livestream from a few weeks back. It's very cool to hear Mark Herman develop a narrative out of the game events. But they are not really explaining the game in a way that's accessible to a new player. Instead, take a look at this list from BGG with some helpful resources for beginners. Specifically, I would recommend John Sy's video series which is an entire game with commentary intended for a beginner. Judd Vance's VASSAL tutorials are also excellent. Once you have a good grasp of the basics of the game, the livestream will be much easier to understand. At least that's how it was for me. And then let me know if you want to try a game by VASSAL! Thanks again to Rob and Bruce for the episode (and to Michael for assembling the bibliography, that's invaluable!)
  2. Episode 453: Black Hawk Down and Zulu

    Also want to show some support for more 3MA movie discussions! I hadn't seen either of these but watched them prior to listening to the episode, and was glad to have watched them with this discussion to follow, since I didn't know much about either conflict ahead of time. I was going to suggest a movie/game pairing (Colonial Twilight/Battle of Algiers) but after reading Marchettus' post, I realize that would be even MORE work, so maybe not the direction you'd want to go with this kind of experiment! I'm a (relatively) new listener to the podcast but always enjoy the discussions, especially when they are a bit wider ranging (like this one and the Mark Herman episode). Keep it up!