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  1. Looking for pacifist games

    Roderick: I agree about that they don't make the pacifist victories feel as exciting. I hope devs in general keep working on this if they make games with Economic/Technological/Diplo victories Jennegatron: Oh, that sounds really cool! osmosisch: Yup, and yup. Strategy, tactics, or 4X. Not stealth or action games or anything.
  2. Looking for pacifist games

    Hey all! New to the podcast, but loving it so far. Kind of migrated over from Rob's other work. I'm interested in playing stategy games that allow you to play pacifist and achieve victory. Also particularly games where the designers intended for you to play that way as an option [not some sort of cheat or exploit that lets you skip content or anything]. I've casually played some of: Civ V Civ VI Stellaris Endless Legend And EUIV and CK2 are definitely too complicated for me. Should I re-visit one of the 4 I've already played and you think that's the ideal pacifist game? Or is there a strategy game out there that has great options for avoiding war and still achieiving victory? I just love the idea of like Science/Tech or Economic or Diplomatic victories! Thanks for any help you can give!