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  1. Fresh Indie Game Compendium Extraordinaire

    Shitty Wizard Installer By: AntonMakesGames (me) Available: (free/donation) Synopsis: A crazy bad game installer that needs you to install the game manually!
  2. Plug your shit

    Thanks ! theres no explanation, I tried to guid players with multiple feedbacks (A full tutorial would be better of course but I lacked the courage and time to do it) as for the clickable overlay, it require at least 1000 subscribers to be able to link to external website from youtube
  3. Plug your shit

    I'm not sure it's okay to post in this thread if it's my second post on the forum but ah well : I've recently released a puzzle game for mobile it's not the next 2048 but I like playing it while listening to podcasts If you have some feedbacks, please give theme to me!
  4. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey people ! I've been listening to various Idle thumb podcasts for a while now Designers Notes at first but now it's mainly Important If True. Since this forum is often referenced I figured I might creat an account to chat with people who likes the same podcasts as me