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  1. Real life things you have done because of video games

    The game's being made by a new studio apparently,
  2. Political games?

    Actually, Mount and Blade can be quite political, as well as other Paradox games like these:
  3. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    The guy that made the original game is making a game called Phoenix Point.
  4. It's also ranked number 1 on a lot of lists like this one.
  5. Political games?

    CK2 is about as good as they get for political games.
  6. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    XCOM 2 was definitely a step down for me. Call me a scrub, but the difficulty was too much for me.
  7. Civilisation 6

    It's better than a lot of people say.
  8. Hearts of Iron 4

    Paradox interactive has a huge variety of games, which I appreciate. Hearts of Iron is one of my favorite series from them, but I also really like Mount and Blade.
  9. Episode 430: Classic Year in Review: 1998

    I can't believe it's been 20 years since AoE came out. Theyre handing off AoE 4 to a new developer, so I'm hopeful. I doubt it'll be out in time for it's 20th anniversary this year, unfortunately.
  10. Real life things you have done because of video games

    I got a history degree because of Age of Empires. I'm so hyped for Age of Empires 4
  11. Civilization is a good entry level strategy series with an accessible community. There's so many great games out there, though. Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings are really good, and I love the Endless series.
  12. Looking for TBS recommendations

    If you're looking for an older game, I highly recommend of the XCOM games. The director of the original is also making a new game. It's called Phoenix Point I think.