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  1. [Dev Log] - CloudWalker

    June 15 Update Good to get back to this tonight. I got a bit more done. Objective: Player dies when he falls off the clouds. (complete) Pretty easy, but I still needed to refer to a tutorial to get it right. Objective: A cloud section vanishes when the player moves off of it. (complete) This took me a while to get because I had to figure it out on my own. Super rewarding to get it working! I'm not sure if I'll end up using it in the final game, but I want to playtest the idea anyway. I got stuck in two places. First, I wasn't sure how to structure this in Unity. I ended up putting box collider triggers on the cloud sections, and used OnTriggerExit2D on a script on the cloud sections. I got close quickly, but it took me another 45 minutes to get it working because there are a lot of OnSomethingSomething variations, and apparently the 2D distinction is super important. Who knew. Next up, I think I'm going to try to get the other cloud vanishing mechanics in the game: standing too long on a particular section, and jumping onto a section (jumping will also have a chance to add a section above and to either side of the player). I have ideas now on how I can do these, but it's shaky ground.
  2. [Dev Log] - CloudWalker

    Thanks, phill! I think he'll look less naked on the legs when I add a background, but I'm happy with him. And yeah, I'm liking Aseprite quite a bit. I'm just figuring out many of the features, but it's intuitive and logical.
  3. [Dev Log] - CloudWalker

    June 14 Update Bad news good news. Bad news is I got sidetracked by an endless day at real work. It's midnight here and I'm just finishing up. So no progress today. Good news is a four-day super busy trip scheduled for June 21-24 got canceled, so I should have a large chunk of time to work on this the last few days of the jam. Booya. Back at it tomorrow.
  4. [Released] Stream Frasier Online Free

    Thanks, that's helpful. I've added that to my list of things to learn for Unity. I'm glad to hear it seems to be working as intended. It looks really good.
  5. [Released] Stream Frasier Online Free

    Looking good! Fungus looks like a great tool. I'd be curious to hear more impressions on it. Are you using it with Unity 2018.1?
  6. [RELEASED] The Octopus Affair

    Really fun to watch this project grow. Amazing stuff!
  7. [Dev Log] - CloudWalker

    June 13 Update Objective: Player Running Animation (complete) I'd only used two-frame sprite animations that were provided in the Unity tutorials I've done so far, so for this I wanted to see if I could create an 8-frame running animation in Aseprite, then import into Unity and get it to work correctly with player movement. The animations took longer to draw than I thought they would, and I think they could still be a lot better. The back leg in particular looks a bit goofy to me. But I'm happy that it somewhat looks like a person running. Importing them into Unity and getting them to match up correctly with movement went smoothly with the help of some handy dandy tutorials from a Udemy course I have. I only had one hitch, where I accidentally created an extra animation transition that I didn't notice. That caused nothing to work and led to a few minutes of trouble-shooting. Objective: Player Jumping Animation (complete) I was thinking I'd need to create a separate jumping animation drawing, but one of the running frames seems to work nicely for the jumping too, so I just stuck that in and went with that. With the glitches fixed and the animation in, I think I can call movement done and move on to the next task. Up next: Not sure... Maybe... Player can "win" a level by reaching an exit point. Or... Start working on getting the clouds to disappear with various player actions. I have little clue how to do this yet.
  8. [RELEASED] The Convergence Compulsion

    This is looking quite impressive. You've come a long way already. I'm looking forward to following along more.
  9. [Dev Log] - CloudWalker

    Thanks! I know it's incredibly unoriginal, but I've got to start somewhere.
  10. [Released] Welltris and Wetrix (and Wordtris)

    Very cool. Is there a difference between how you animate something in the UI Canvas and how you animate something in a scene?
  11. [Released] Welltris and Wetrix (and Wordtris)

    Looking good! Are you using a game engine?
  12. [Dev Log] - CloudWalker

    June 12 Update Game has been upgraded to "man-like thing walking and jumping on cloud-like thing. kind of" Few kinks to work out... Edit: Okay, I got the sticking to the sides of the clouds thing worked out by adding a material to the cloud, and I got the guy to stop being able to jump again repeatedly while being in the air. Next up tomorrow: Animation for the character: Running, Jumping, and maybe an Idle animation. Fun with Aesprite!
  13. [Dev Log] - CloudWalker

    June 10 & June 11 Update As anticipated, work was super busy these past two days. No progress made on my wizardjam game. My game is still "man-like thing standing on cloud-like thing". The good news is that I'm past the super busy part of work and can get back to work on this tonight. Next goals are player movement.
  14. [Dev Log] Super Mario Mumblecore

    It's probably fair to say that mustaches, teeth cleaning, and new music genres have not been together in a game before now. Really looking forward to seeing how this turns out! Good luck!
  15. [Released] häx_processer

    In addition to everything else, I think this could make for a good program to teach coding. You could go that way if the user had the option of queueing all the moves then executing them all at once.