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  1. Fuck yeah, Seven Kingdoms! I don't think it even wanted to be something like Civ. It really doesn't share any idea or mechanics with it, no progress through ages like Age of Empires did, and it had Frythans, big ugly monsters, and gods that one could summon (or dragons). Instead, there is a strong economic perspective, although making money is relatively easy. Previous game from Trevor Chan was Capitalism (1 or 2). More importantly, an interesting resource: people. People run your eco, people fight for you, create food and work in factories. They can either consume and buy products or one can tax them, which is a way to get the money in the first place. This makes the game centered around this mechanics, which makes it quite unique. The important thing is that you couldn't just buy or build more "people", they will breed slowly. This push this game into direction that was not further explored. The recently released and highly respected Northgard does not fully simulate this either and even a lot of city building and management strategies tend to abstract from this.