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  1. Episode 424: Command Ops 2

    I really enjoyed this podcast, guys, as this game is one of my favorite computer wargames. I love trying to see the big picture, then issuing simple orders to try to solve big problems. However, I think your analysis missed one important piece of this game: the orders delay (especially being longer the more complicated the orders are or the higher echelon you are commanding) rewards realistic tactics and making the right decisions that real commanders made. Keeping a reserve is very important, because it takes time for your units to react to the surprise enemy attack on one of your flanks. Deciding to commit the reserve to shore up a hole in your lines or to exploit a gap in the enemy's defenses, and committing the reserve on time--well, those are the important decisions and judgments commanders made that won and lost engagements. As much as I love other wargames, with a IGOUGO system and no orders delays, you can always position your reserves the right number of hexes to be useful and then commit them on your turn. With Command Ops, they need to be in the right place, they need to be rested and ready, and then you the commander have to use them when and where they can be effective. It's a great system.